Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Grayslake: More than Mated: Beneath the Surface (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Reina Torres

An incredibly sweet romance filled with so much emotion. Two people from two different worlds find each other in a totally unexpected moment. Grace Howard returns to Grayslake, Georgia as an adult to help out her Aunt and Uncle while her Aunt is recovering from an injury. Travis Owen, formally of Arcadia, is looking for somewhere peaceful and quiet after leaving his drama filled home.
Never one to believe in love at first sight, Travis is stunned by the emotions he feels when he catches first sight of Grace. Immediately he feels she is his life mate. But he has a big job ahead of him, convincing her and trying to fit in to this new town.
Grace on the other hand has plans to see the world. This trip down memory lane with her Uncle and Aunt is only a temporary stop before she heads off to Europe. She has no plans on staying or settling down. She has feelings for Travis too, but she feels lust and passion and figures a quick fling is just what she needs before heading off to see the world. Unfortunately that isn't what happens and between an age old secret an old friend and the town Authorities things go to hell in a hand basket real fast!

Superb characters and an excellent storyline that drag you in and refuses to let go until you are done and begging for more! Grab yourself a copy snuggle up with your favorite beverage and prepare for an emotion roller coaster ride. This one brought me to tears! Well Done!🌺

Bunny: A Short-n-Sweet Romantic Comedy (Bow-Wow Bistro Series) By Teddy Cat Hester

An absolutely Sweet Whimsical Romance! I have never read a romance quite like Teddy Cat Hester's Bunny! It is filled with laughter, comedy, love lost and found. Her writing was inspiring for not only romantics but animal lovers as well. Her storyline was perfect in that it had intrigue, mystery, laughter and solid decisions that needed to be made. The characters were loveable and whimsical since half of the characters were dogs.😊
The interactions between the humans and the canines were priceless and I am hoping there are more in store! This is my first read of this author and I am hooked! Grab your copy of "Bunny" and come join the fun!! Well Done!🌺

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Package Deal (An MFM Ménage Romance) by Jess Bentley

Clear animal attraction straight from the beginning! Bella will do just about anything to get away from the fluff pieces she is writing and back to her own passion of writing, but Hannah has other Ideas. Old friend and employer Hannah will do anything to save the publication she run, including throwing her "best friend and employee" under the bus. Or in this case to the Beasts, Dillon and Emmet Riordan Billionaire Co-Presidents of Riordan Publications. In order to save the upcoming merger, Hannah has a plan for Bella to date Emmet to "clean up his act". But honest confusion begins even befor they start. An adult comedy of errors ensues and Bella gets caught up in the most secretive scandalous assignment of her life! Will Bella be able to tame the Beasts, will the Beasts be able to give Cinderella (Bella) her dream?
Grab your copy and follow along on the twisting paths of "Package Deal".
Well written, wonderful characters, a modern day twist on childhood fairy tales that will keep you entranced till the end!
Well Done!🌺


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Theoretical Love (Masterclass Book 2) by JJ King

Author JJ King is an amazing writer, the way she brings passions to life is a wonderful gift. Many times you read about the rough tough Alpha lovers that turn all of our heads. But in this Novella JJ King gives us Inquisitive Longingness with Silent Desire and a search for True Love. Rachel has spent a lifetime burying herself in her one passion, literature. Never thinking she would ever find her own true love. With her difficult past with her mother, she tries all she can to avoid the same situations. But with the loss of her mother, her emotions are close to the surface and after meeting Etta, they are on their own roller coaster ride.
Join us in discovering what path Rachel will follow and if she will ever find that lasting passion.
Well Done!🌺


Epic Love (Masterclass Book 1) by JJ King

What a wonderfully sweet romance. If you are looking for an amazing quick read, then this is one you're going to want to keep!
After a failed marriage Zoey returns to the University to finish her Masters. Feeling like a fish out of water, she joins a class and some professors at a mixer where she meets some surprising people. Along her journey of rediscovery she meets Bash, a Professor who seems to share many of the same things. A sudden discovery along with a sudden discovery of each other drives this story to the perfect precipice. Thoroughly enjoyable read, can't wait to see what more is to come!
Well Done🌺


Hung (Mister Hotshot Book 1) by Anne Marsh

This review is from: Hung (Mister Hotshot Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
What happens when you have a bunch of Firefighters/Smokejumpers in one camp, in a small town, for a long Season. Well let me tell you all the single ladies become aware of all these men and after a while all the men are aware of which ladies to avoid!
Also, what happens to these single ladies after a long enough time with these Firefighters? They come up with a group who call themselves The Breakup Club.
These two groups wok together, play together and along the way some even find love together.
Pick is one of the Team Leaders up at Big Bear Lake, he has been doing Seasons here for a few years, he loves his job and the excitement it brings. Sarah Jo is a new inhabitant of Baby Bear Lodge, this is where all the ladies that work with the gang at Big Bear Lake live. And Sarah Jo is the newest Cook on the line to feed these big burly Firefighters.
How will these two work things out is a mystery, almost as mysterious as Sarah Jo's past. But pick refuses to let what he feels is the real thing go. Sarah Jo is afraid that she is gonna have to run again. It doesn't help that her fellow cooks put her up to a bit of good clean fun, that leaves Sarah Jo and Pick in the middle of a Fire hotter than they both expected.
Grab this read to follow along on the journey these two travel to find true love and a life without regrets.
Great read, wonderful characters, loved it!🌺

Invaluable (The Trident Code Book 2) by Alana Albertson

Invaluable is an incredible read with a great cast of characters. In this story you have two of the most unlikeliest people who find a connection.
Kyle a one time Football player who gave up the life to become a Navy Seal and Sara an up and coming Cheerleader he is working on a degree in education. After meeting at a local San Diego club the two share a night of no ties passion.
Months later they run into each other in the most unlikely of places. But things don't turn out any way close to whe either of them expected.
The whirlwind relationship of these two incredible people combined with the unexpected and fearful attack that Sara and her teammates endure causes reaction in all involved. A wonderful read, with great characters. I recommend this to all lovers of romance and those Hunky Military Seals!🌺

Friday, August 4, 2017

Guarding Her: A Secret Baby Romance by Lexi Whitlow

Wonderful interactions within the storyline with absolutely great characters. The pull of this story was so great that I finished it in one sitting, I just had to know what was going to happen!
When Maddox was shuttled off to the Marines at the insistence of General Richard Thomas, you just have that feeling that somewhere down the road he and the Generals daughter are going to cross paths again.
Even though Avery Thomas is told all the sordid things of Maddox Bryant's past, she still wants to talk with him, but he never responds leaving a gapping hole in both of their lives.
Avery's mother, Senator Evelyn Thomas has a plan for everything and this included her daughter. She expected her to finish her education at Stanford Law and become a prestigious Attorney. But Avery had her own ideas on what she wanted out of an education.
But life throws a monkey wrench into all of their lives after Avery is seriously attacked.
Avery is forced to take the security her parents have been trying to force on her for years, and surprise surprise who said Security is.
Seven years in the Marines and out on honorable discharge for an injury, Maddox becomes her new bodyguard. With secrets of his own on why he needs this job, the fight between the two is just beginning.
Tempers flair on all sides of this twisted situation, but who will be the winner and who is behind all the attempts and threats against Avery?
Grab your copy and follow along this tempestuous journey as they rise and fall as they may!
Well written, great interactions between all of the characters. I recommend this to all readers looking for a bit of intrigue with their romance.
Well Done🌺


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Not his Werewolf: Shifter Romance by Annie Nicolas

What an incredibly sweet story! Shifters have one true wish and that is to find their one and only, their Soulmates. It is a difficult wish to fulfill for many but not for Ken Birch, his problem was convincing Betty Newman of that fact. Betty left her pack at 18. When she was unable to shift, forcing her to accept the human side of her life instead of the Shifter half. Being forced out of her pack  left lasting scars on Betty, some she really never wants to encounter again. But then Ken enters her life and nothing is ever going to be the same again.
This was an enjoyable read from beginning to end. The action was at a good enough pace that it kept me enthralled all the way through. I refused to put it down and finished it in one reading, * IT WAS THAT GOOD **!! I totally recommend this to all Shifter Lovers and those that love the mischievous side of life! Werewolves, Vampires and Dragons, what more can you ask for!
Grab your copy to find out how this couple finds their way, and meet all of their fun loving yet crazy friends and family!! Well Done!🌺


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Broken Magic: Worlds of Magic Book 1 Catherine Vale

If you enjoyed Alice in Wonderland, I think you will enjoy this Magical Twist on a Classic!
Magic abounds in this read that abounds with mystical magical worlds. Alicia, the main character is in search of her parents who have seemed to have disappeared. As she travels through some Beautiful but Dangerous Worlds she finds allies in the most unusual circumstances.
Well written with a quick and quirky pace that introduces you to worlds and personages as you travel along. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys magic and classics!


Friday, July 28, 2017

Men of Inked Books 1-3 by Chelle Bliss

Incredibly Hot Series!! Intense characters that pull their own singularly and as a whole! I have read many "Ink" involved stories, as well as "MC" types. This series is remarkable in that this Author has made it a realistic adventure. Each and every one of the stories involved in this series can be standalone, but run smoothly together with the continuation of the various individuals. Love the Gallo Family and the way they share the love with each other and all the additions to the Family. If you Love Tattoos, Motorcycles, Alpha Males, and Totally Independent Women you need to read these books by Author Chelsea Bliss!! Well Done!🌺


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Home to Roost (Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs Book 7) by Reina Torres

What am amazingly sweet romantic novel. Written in a time gone by when some women had no other choice than to become Mail Order Brides. Brigid Belham left the life she knew for the unknown, hoping against hope that marriage would give her a continued purpose. But when her soon to be betrothed has a difference of opinion with her, she tries her best to find a better solution. 
Livingstone Quinn is a man of few words who likes his privacy and quiet more than his need for company. But when a little bird becomes stranded after a storm, what is he to do but to help.
Together they find just what they were looking for, even though they themselves didn't know it.
Well written, with just the right amount of push and pull that makes it an enjoyable read. This well paced book will find a wonderful spot on anyone's shelf! Recommend to romance lovers and those who enjoy the HEA!

Well Done! 🌺

Craving her Curves Book 1 by Nora Stone

Lovely read for young adults, but not what I was expecting. I loved the Title: Craving her Curves, but to me that conjures up a story where the heroine is Curvy and it is part of the contact between the two main characters at least. In this read it was mentioned once maybe twice in passing. It seems to be more about the main characters job at Pink, and the interactions she has with her Besties and other coworkers.
Her relationship as it was with the main love interest was short and sad. The cliffhanger ending was a bit of a disappointment.
I would have liked to see the main characters interact more as well as more about her curves and what it was about them that made him "Craving Her Curves".


Wildfire's Heart: Book 1 of the Elemental Heart Series by Siobhan Muir

A fantastically written tale as old as time, with entities that can trace their lines to Aladdin's time. This hot romance tests the new age of these two ancient spirits as they discover not only each other but unexpected love and Mates.
I enjoyed the interactions between the firefighters and the various towns people as well as the interactions between the main characters. It gives the story a great feel to it. The action level is great in this story that seems to cover just a few weeks. 
I recommend this for true romance lovers who like mystical entities as well as the HEA!

Well Done!🌺

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sold to the Beserkers: A Ménage Shifter Romance by Lee Savino

An intensely hot menage! Well written with a great story line. Perfect ratio of action vs sex. The pace was really well done, I thoroughly enjoyed the constant action as it pulled me into the story. I recommend this book to any lover of sweet hot menage with a preference for shifters.
Well Done🌺

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Miami Inferno (Miami Nights Book 1) by Elle Boon

Author Elle Boon Rocks the Night Away with her awesome book Miami Inferno! From Puppy Love to Hot Ignition these characters have a long path to finding true love together. The action of Hot Cuban dance, even Hotter Dance Clubs make you feel the music of the Dance. I love how she makes these characters work for what they want, in every essence. Through work, play and love, their passions shine through. Their familial bonds show the truth and depth of all the emotions they go through!
I recommend this to all lovers of HEA's as well as the Heat of Hot Cuban Romance!! Well Done!🌺

Watch Over Me by Amy Reece

Cannot wait to read more, could not put this book down!
I love the way Author Amy Reece is able to put so much quintessential substance to all of her characters. The depth of each individual is what made this book so intriguing for me. The action and emotional connections make between characters for an amazing read. The family construct for both main individuals, only child for one and one of six siblings for the other is an eye opener for both sides. I recommend this to anyone who likes a bit of mystery to their romance as well as a wonderful HEA. Well Done!🌺


Monday, July 10, 2017

Kitten, Mine (Mine Series Book 2) by Kay Maree

I commend this author for being able to take a dark situation and bring it light and salvation. This second book of the "Mine" Series is just as good as the first. She is able to take a girl, whose light has been diminished by those who should have been the ones to lift her up and have her bloom where others expected death. 
Katherine has lived a life of rejection and ridicule at the hands of the most unexpected. Antonio has led a life of darkness, never expecting to find salvation. Yet when their eyes meet it is love at first sight, but will it become more, or will their pasts keep them apart. Grab this second book "Kitten Mine" and follow their story as they run rampant all emotions possible while surviving more than any would expect. Well Done!🌺

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Angel Mine by Kay Maree

I feel that this author has found a way to touch on hard subjects such as abuse and rape and create a safer world for its victims. I loved hoe the characters were able to overcome the darkness in their lives and are able to look and find that love at first sight some of us dream of. To be able to take a girl who really has no clue at what is happening around her, to pull her through the viciousness of domestic abuse and rape is an amazing task. But this author does just that. You cannot judge a book or a person by what is said of them. You really need to get to know them and their world to really know them. 
Pick up your copy of Angel Mine by Kay Maree to see how she is able to pull this story through such emotional upheaval.

Cannot wait to read the next book, Kitten Mine! Well Done!🌺

Trinity - Embracing Hope (Trinity Series Book 4) by Kylie Price

Prophecies and Destinies are made and destroyed, what with the right path be? Author Kylie Price continues her amazing Trinity Series with just as much action and emotion as she started with. Continued characters build on the trust the have come to expect from one another. But what happens when some of those trusts are broken? How will this group that have become family survive the rough changes ahead of them? Grab your copy to continue this Saga with its roller coaster emotions and its action packed pages! Well Done!🌺

Friday, July 7, 2017

Trinity - Accepting Fate: Trinity Series #3 by Kylie Price

Absofreakinlutely Amazing!!!
Author Kylie Price continues her amazing Saga in this third installment of the Trinity Series.
Incredible action that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This emotionally charged story pulls you in and refuses to let go! I find this Series a joy to read with it's fantastic cast of characters and awesome action. This journey Trinity takes leads her further and further into the prophecies from the past and into a future that knows no answer as yet. I recommend this book and Series wholeheartedly. Well done!🌸


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Trinity:Defying Destiny Trinity Series #2 by Kylie Price

What an incredible continuation of the Trinity Series!
This second installment is just as fast paced and exciting as the first. It continues the Saga of Trinity and her friends as they all become embroiled in the life and tragedies associated with the Vampires, Werewolves and Witches. This incredible story is enthralling I could not put it down! Great characters with even greater back stories entangled in a life and death adventure to protect the ones they love and to try and stop those who want to kill or pervert the paranormal. I cannot wait to continue this Saga!
I recommend this to all lovers of the Paranormal!!♥️

Well Done!🌺

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Trinity - The Prophecy: Trinity Series #1 by Kylie Price

An amazing fast paced Paranormal that to be sure! WOW!!!
Fast paced action combined with incredibly deep characters brings you this amazing book. Trinity's life is about to be changed in ways she could never have imagined. As her 18th Birthday approaches the questions of her family comes more and more into play as many things become known. 
I love the way this Author approaches her Paranormal creatures and their legends of creation. A wonderful history created within its own world.
I recommend this to all lovers of paranormal, vampires, werewolves and the mystical.

Well Done!🌺

Monday, July 3, 2017

Her Steadfast HERO (Black Dawn Book 1 by Caitlyn O'Leary

What an Awe Inspiring Novel, Author Caitlyn O'Leary has done it again! I was unable to put this one down, I felt pulled into the emotions ever present in this authors stories. Her gut wrenching writting of the unexpected heroism in a time and place where living and dying are hardcore. Her interpretations of Doctors Without Borders (DWB), our Navy Seals and Army Investigators, as well as our Servicemen in general are inspiring and truly heart felt!
The interactions between her characters make this story oh so real, that you feel the edges of fear, loss, hurt, anger and especially love. Too many times people look the other way when natural disasters hit foreign lands. Not many realize the dangers that are involved when our Military or our Medical Professionals are taken to, trapped in and working in these out of the way places. This author brings home the destruction that happens as well as the added desecrations that can and do happen.
I recommend this story to those looking for the good people do, adventure, and the ever elusive HEA.  Well Done!🌺


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Let The Waves Come In by J.L. Leslie

WOW I COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN!!! I finished it in one afternoon, it was so captivating! What an incredibly moving story of a young woman's journey of self discovery and forgiveness of not only herself but those in her life. I was totally drawn into this story from the beginning.
A young girl Aubrey, coming of age and sharing such a precious gift with the man she has always loved, only to have the moment destroyed so achingly. Then to have Love ripped away years later when her fiancé and his family blame her for an accident that leaves him dreadfully injured. And finally when these two loves re-enter Her life and send her in a tailspin. Can they forgive her, but more importantly, can she forgive herself.
To have such a close a close lifelong friend in Drew, so close that others never really see the truth in their friendship. Life and love are tempestuous to begin with but to throw in such upheaval in such a young woman's life is heartbreaking.
My heart ached as Aubrey was forced to face her past and all the emotions that were still confusing for her. For Declan, the man she gave her heart to so many years ago, the brother of her truest and best friend. Their love was an exploration of space and time, a rite of passage for them both in many ways. For Drew, her brother in every way but in blood, who is there for her through all the pain and agony she must go through in her life. And for Chandler, who she once loved and still has emotions tied to but for totally different reasons.
I truly enjoyed this story with all its twists and turns, the emotional upheaval for all of the characters involved. The growth and changes they all lived through on their way to finding themselves and who they truly were meant to love.
This is my first trip into Author J.L. Leslie's world and I can say with certainty that I will be looking to see what is next! I cannot wait to read the continuation of these characters with Drew's story.  Well Done 🌺


Friday, June 16, 2017

 Her Soldier A Military Bad Boy Novella  by Annette Fields

An incredibly sweet romance with two great characters. I love how realistic this Authors story is. I have seen and or heard of similar romances happening and it is lovely to see it in writing. It gives hope to many out there who find themselves in similar circumstances.
This Author writes a wonderful story of two people not looking for love in the most amazing way. For them to find what their hearts were searching for all along and to have that Happily Ever After is wonderful. It doesn't always work out that way, but we can all dream!

I recommend this story to any and all who love their Military Bad Boys and the wonderful HEA's!     Well Done  🌺

This Authors books can be found here:

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tempting Tanner by Lori King

Lori King brings to life some of the most amazing characters in her worlds! Ashley and Tanner are perfect for each other, even when neither of them knows it at the time. I love how this author spins the lives of these strong characters and introduces the twists and turns that make this story so good. I recommend this story for anyone who believes in love at first sight and the ever loving HEA's.  Well Done🌺


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Vampire Destiny, An Erotic Vampire Series Books 1-4 Ariel Marie

An incredibly fast paced series that covers the fall and rise of a Vampire Nation. Author Ariel Marie brings to life a Nation of Strong Vampires that have survived 10 years of being hunted by humans. After the collapse of the Human/Vampire Treaty and the deaths of many of the Royal Family and their Council Members, the Vampires struggle to survive.
Well written, this fast paced series brings together the lives of various Vampires. Their King, Ryan and his Fated Mate Summer are brought together after Summers home town is attacked by Hunters. In her fear to survive, Summer's vampiric speed leads her far from where she started and into the realm of her King.
Each story is a continuation of their fight to right the horrors done to their people. 
As the story continues each of the Kings closets guards find what they never expected. In all the years they have stayed to protect their Kings Royal Home, they never expected anything more than the fight that would keep them alive, yet one by one they find the treasure they never even knew existed for them.  
Norris finds Emely, Remus finds Ilena and in the end Zeke finds love with Nicia as they fight to bring life back to the Vampire Nation.
Well written, intense action in a believable world created by this Author. I recommend this to any and all lovers of the Paranormal Vampire World.

Well Done!🌺

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Silver Dragon: A BBW Dragon-Shifter Romance (Alma Venus Mail-Order Brides Book 1) by Cara Wylde

Shifter Brides continue in this new Story surrounding the Six Factions. This time we are focusing on Andrea, a young human who grew up with nothing and a longing for everything, including her own personal freedom to do what she wants, when and how she wants. She doesn't really want to be a "Mail-Order Bride", but she sees it as one way of getting what she wants. And who better to help her with her new life than a Dragon Shifter, they are well known for their bountiful treasures, aren't they?
While "hunting" a prospective target, Andrea finds a Dragon who is interested in her, but wary to tell her much about himself. Until she finds herself falling for her target.
I truly enjoyed the nice pace of this story, you learn a lot about the characters along the way, along with the tumultuous emotions that each character goes through. The wanting, needing, fear of being alone. They both share much of the same fears, but for different reasons. But there are secrets within secrets and the possibility of ripping their relationship apart before it truly even begins. The twists and turns of this story is unlike any of the other stories I have read in these collections. I feel that this author has much to give us by way of her Stories and Series. I recommend this for lovers of Shifter Romance and that ever elusive HEA. Well Done!🌺


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Magic Fire: an Urban Fantasy Novel (Shifting Magic Book1) by Catherine Vale

Author Catherine Vale has an amazing Urban Fantasy Series here! I love the combination of Faerie, Shifters, Vampires, Demons and other Creatures of Magic! Such continuous action the pace of this story I'd phenomenal. I really loved her characters, Kaye the spirited Fae, so alive in All she does. Darius, the incredibly hot and sexy Dragon Shifter, who wouldn't want a piece of him, yumm! Their lives are about to change in ways neither of them are ready for, but they face it head on.
I love the way this Author brings together the magical worlds, the clicks that crosses all dimensions. The uncertainty of even the most powerful of creatures.
Can't wait to see what is to come. I recommend this to any and all lovers of Mystic and Magic!
Well done!🌺


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Star Light, Star Bright (Triple Star Ranch Book 2) by Siobhan Muir

This story is amazingly sweet, with just the right amount of passion to keep you on the edge of your seat. I could not put this book down. The heartbreaking emotions of it's main characters draws you in and refuses to let go. Although this is not one of my preferred genres I found it breathtaking in its simplicity of true romance. The way this author brings her characters together with just the right amount of tension to make it a remarkably real and heart tugging story.
I really enjoyed the back stories to the characters and the trepidation between all parties involved. The realistic issues between all of the characters of this book and not just the main two made it a "full meal"! Thank you Siobhan Muir for bringing this tale to light and for sharing such a soul touched story!
Henry Bright has become jaded and miserable with his "Country Rock Star" lifestyle and has decided to chuck it all for the peace and quiet of home, Wyoming to exact.
While living in his Country Rock Wold, he still found time to finish his degree as a Veterinarian, a passion he has that was just as strong if not stronger than his music.
When he decides  to leave it all behind, he heads on back to Wyoming, the only place he felt he could relax and be himself. With the help of an old friend he is able to do exactly what he was hoping to do, get a job on a local ranch as a Vet and be able to work with the animals that hold a part of him.
Trig Colton has been widowed for over thirty years, he and his son run Trip Star Ranch, a Ranch dedicated to helping both humans and animals with PTSD. When an accident lays down their personal Vet, they are in serious need of help to keep their animals healthy and happy. When neighbor Ransom Knight informs them he has a friend looking for work, it is as if the perfect match was found.
But how will things follow after Henry and Trig meet? When they both find themselves attracted, they are confused yet happy. How will this affect these two strong minded men and the lives around them? Will they be able to find happiness or will insecurities and the past keep them apart?
I recommend this to anyone who loves a sweet romance with a HEA.


Monday, May 29, 2017

Cowboy Bear's Christmas Surprise (Bear Shifter Holiday Romance) by Scarlet Grove

I loved this story! I recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet romance with a HEA.
This author brought it when she created these characters. A romantic Bear Shifter ready to give up on ever finding his fated mate and an enchanting female on the run from evil men.
This is the perfect novel for a quick romantic pick me up!


Shifters Forever The Boxed Set Books 1 - 6: Shifters Forever Worlds by Elle Thorne

Six incredible books in one! Author Elle Thorne has brought a whole Valley to life in this collection! Starting with Grant and Chelsea and ending with Mae and Jack this book sends you on a journey of discovery and love. Each coupe has their own ups and downs, but together they can do anything!
I love how these stories interact with one another, but can also be a stand alone story. The excitement of Shifter romance with all its complications and confusions is delightful. I enjoyed how the author brought each character to life, as well as blending in the supporting cast.
I would definitely recommend this series to anyone that loves Shifter Romance and HEA's!
Well done 🌺


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Seduction: Shifters Forever Worlds Book 2 by Elle Thorne

All Astra wants in life is to become a Veterinarian. But for some reason the Shifter Life keeps pulling her in. With her deep seated fear and hatred  towards all but a select few shifters she does all she can to keep them away from her family.
Kane, on the run from a pack of rovers seeks sanctuary and a place to rest away from the ones who hunt him. A loner Shifter, things begin to change when he meets Astra. Astra is confused with her conflicting emotions towards Kane a Shifter she wants nothing to do with, and wants to get him as far away from her home town as possible.
Will the fear Astra carries with her keep Kane at bay? Will the hunters after Kane find him before he finds what it is his Bear is looking for? Join Author Elle Thorne in her second segment of Forever Shifters and follow along with the characters you may have already met as she continues this amazing saga! Well Done🌺


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Protection: Shifters Forever Worlds Book 1 by Elle Thorne

Hiding away from her past Chelsea moves to Bear Canyon Valley to start over. Feeling comfortable in her new home with her new boss, Chelsea starts to live again.
Grant Waters a friendly resident has decided he needs a haircut every 3 weeks, whether he needs it or not, because he is attracted to the new stylist working for his friend Mae.
It seems the attraction goes both ways, but do they have a chance at real love?
Between misunderstandings, and evil that finds its way to their quiet little town, Chelsea may just run. Will Grant be able to stop her and keep this newfound Love regardless of they bumps placed in their way?
Grab Author Elle Thorne's Shifters Forever Worlds and follow the lives and loves of these amazing Shifters and their incredible Mates. Well Done🌺❤️


The Scent of His Woman (Northern Wild Book 1) by JJ King

A truly profound story of self finding, for both Kennedy and Trace. A sweet novella on a woman who was adopted into a human family never knowing she was anything different. As Kennedy grows up there comes a time when her internal clock throws her for a random meltdown. Nothing is working out, not school, not relationships, not anything. As her family convinces her to take some time off and spend it camping with the family, her changes become more obvious. While her parents worry about her, her craving for meat increases to the shock of her family. Being a Card carrying Vegetarian does that lol. But it all comes to a head when she catches the scent of a stranger.
Trace is a loner, he hates mingling with people, but when he heads out for a needed supply run he comes face to face with his future. Will he be able to help Kennedy in her time of crisis?
Will they both be able to accept and heal each other?
Join Author JJ King as she wraps you up in her story and sends you on a Journey of Discovery.
Well Done🐾❤️🌺



I really enjoyed this book and am excited to read the rest of this tantalizing series of magnificent shifters and their elusive brides. Sold to the Alpha is an incredible story of a spirited female who really isn't looking for a Mate, but freedom. But when she is finally "bought" just months before her 25th Birthday, she is incensed at the Alpha who decided to have her regardless of her feelings. As their story continues she is faced with trials and tribulations not only from within the pack, but from within herself as well. By the time she realizes how much she truly cares for for her Mate it may be too late. With a psychotic she-wolf is on the warpath to see her dead. Follow along with this magnificent beginning of an amazing series! Well Done! 🌺🌶🌺🌶

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Princess (The Dark Shadows, Book 1) by Ariel Marie

I love how Author Ariel Marie brings her characters to life. How she integrates the Human into the Paranormal and vice versa. This fast-footed story leaves the reader begging for more!<br />This author brings it when it comes to Hot new Vampire Romance. The heat between Nadira and Cooper brings a whole new level to Spicy!! 🌶 🌶<br />I recommend this series to any Paranormal Romance lover looking to bite into some knew reading material.<br />I know I am looking forward to Nadira's brothers finding their Fated Mates. What better way for a sister to get back at her dominating brothers!?!<br />Well Done🌺🌶🌺🌶🌺

Friday, May 19, 2017

Double Bear Secret (Hockey Bear Season book 2) by Anya Nowlan

What happens when you have someone on the inside selling team secrets? Why hire a Private Investigator of course! Lily gets hired to find out who on the Hockey Team is selling their own team memebers out. Where she meets none other than the Hot Two-some Crash and Conner, two brother Shifters playing on the team.
Trying her best to keep it all professional Lily can't help what she feels for these two hunks, that have no intention of leaving her alone.
But what happens when the brothers find out she is investing their team? Will it all fall apart or will they find a way to make it all work.
I recommend this to all of you Paranormal Romantics that love them some HEA!!
Well Done 🌺

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Harlan:Vampire Seeking Bride by Anya Nowlan

Sweet and feisty, a Vampire Romance with lots of action!
Truly enjoyed this short read about Harlan, and how he discovers his Bride.
It was a great rollercoaster for Ruby the Human Police Officer whose career is ended by a late night attack. But for Ruby the Adventures have just begun! Knowing that no one will believe her she finds herself caught up in a world she never knew existed.
But with each other's help Harlan and Ruby are both able to bury their demons.
Great story, I recommend it to anyone who loves a good Vampire Romance!

Well Done🌺

Careen (Crown and Anchor Series Vol.3)

The Crown family lies broken in more ways than one, will they be able to ever be whole again? With Casper still in the Hospital and Whiskey no more than a shadow, it is up to China to save herself. One thing after another falls on China, leaving her deeper and deeper in despair. Will her Shining p.i.t.a. Knight be able to save her or will he ad to the tremendous weight on her shoulders.
Officer Mason is more than meets the eye, although the eye candy is dreamy, there is a darkness that shadows him. Will he be able to beat his past and make a future with the lady of his dreams? Or will the past rear its ugly head and make him unworthy?
Join Author Kerri Ann as she continues the Crown and Anchor series with its love, loss and emotionally charged characters. Follow the exploits as China, looses and finds herself amongst the loss of her parents.
Well Done🌺


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

When Clubs Collide

What an awesome collection of MC Shorts! I love how I am able to get a taste for new Authors while enjoying the flavors of Authors known and well Loved.
Each Short has a wonderful flair of excitement and leaves you wanting to know each and every MC's story!
Each combination of MC Authors blend well together and takes you on an incredible journey of discovery.

I recommend this book to any and all Lovers of MC and the lives they lead. From the intimate families to their blood thirsty and diabolical retribution these Clubs will find their way into your Heart! I am well aware of the writings of Authors Kathleen Kelly and Erin Trejo, I love their stories and have spent many a late night enfolded in their worlds. But I am pleased to meet the other Authors who will now be expanding my literary treasures! Thank you for this amazing collection! Well done🌺

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Midnight Delta SEAL Team 5 Book Box Set: Volume 1 by Caitlyn O'Leary

I recommend this series to anyone who loves Military Seals and HEA's. Caitlyn O'Leary has brought to life some of the most exciting, emotionally heartbreaking stories I have ever read. The Midnight Delta Seal Team are men who will take your breath away with the way they handle business. From beginning to end these men will melt your heart. Theses Heroes show that a man can be tender and caring even when he is at his worst. They show that there are still Real men out there, our knights in shining armor. Growing up in a Navy household, I remember going through Coronado on a regular basis to visit my grandparents in San Diego. I remember seeing the Seals as the trained and did maneuvers. How proud I am to have watched our Heroes in training. Author Caitlyn O'Leary has brought back fond memories of the Men I grew to love while growing up.
Join her in her books as she brings these wonderfully men and women to life. Follow in their journey of laughter and tears as they carve their way through life and death situations.

Well Done!🌺

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bronx's Wounded Wolf, Mystic Wolves 4 by Elle Boon

Taya's history is a mystery, taken from the Mystic Wolf Pack and raised by the Iron Wolves MC, she doesn't remember or know about much about the Mystic Wolves. Her family composition is a mystery to her, and finding her long lost younger sister is a wonder to this woman who has suffered so much, for so long. Being held and beaten, tortured and starved Taya eventually loses control and connection to her own wolf. Terrified and scared she is saved by a combination of the two packs. Will she be able to love and be loved after all she has been through? Will she ever feel whole again, when all she feels is lost confused, terrified and worthless? Follow Taya and Bronx's story as they overcome the terrifying ordeal, and find a love that time will heal, as well as all the unknown  intricacies  that make up these Wolf packs and Taya in particular.
This energetic fast past story shows the delightful talent of it's incredible author Elle Boon! She has a way of bringing her characters to life. Inserting them into our lives and making us care what happens next to these amazing creatures! I love reading her works and recommend this and any of her many books to anyone and everyone that love paranormal/Shifter romance.
Ms. Elle you have done it again!! Well Done🌺


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Her Relentless Seal, (Midnight Delta Series 10) by

Midnight Delta Series serves up another winner with Her Relentless Seal!
Evie Avery thinks she is on the vacation of her dreams when everything becomes a crazy twisted horror story! Navy Seal Aiden O'Malley is in love with Evie, but is afraid his past will end up killing her. Hurting and broken hearted, Evie joins her bosses on a European Vacation that almost kills her. With all the history and tragedy Evie has gone through, the only safe thing she knows is Aiden, no matter what their personal life has handed them. 

Aiden will give his life to save Evie. And will prove his Relentless devotion to her. Grab a copy and join this Seal and his team and family as the race against time. Time and Time again! Well Done🌺https://www.amazon.com/Relentless-SEAL-Midnight-Delta-Book-ebook/dp/B06XY5T6TC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493844142&sr=8-1&keywords=Her+relentless+seal

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dead Awakenings by Rebekah R, Ganiere

What would you do if you woke up Dead?
When Evaine wakes up to a scuffle, how is she to know she is actually dead, yet still alive?
Author Rebekah R. Ganiere brings us a wonderful story of discovery and reannimation.
An unlikely love story amidst tragedy and loss.
A well written story that grabs the reader and carries them along on adventurous journey of discovery. This story keeps you entertained and enthralled. Can't wait to see what is in the future for this storyline!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dark Fancy (Noble Passions Book 1) by Sabrina York

An Incredibly Decadent, Sensually written Story! Holy Hotness Ladies this one hits the spot! Ouch!!! For those interested in the Darker side of Sex, Romance, Security, Release: This Book is for you! If you have ever wanted just a little bit more, craved to take it farther then you have found a series for you! This story is incredibly enticing, I love how positions a twisted then corrected yet still more in the end. I recommend the story to all that are willing to push the edge of the envelope just that much more! Well Done🌺🔥🔥🔥


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Always, Ransom (Three Rivers Express) by Reina Torres

Sweet, Sensitive Western. This Author takes us on a short trip into the past with her incredible novel. Everything you need in a good Historical Western. Handsome moody men and delicate yet strong females. I enjoyed the "history lesson" on the changing of times and how it affected those involved. This Sweet Romance has all the elements needed to make any romantic at heart happy. I enjoyed the detail embraced in this novel. I recommend this to any Western Romance lover. Well done!🌺


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Last Call Europe: Siberian Husky by Belinda McBride

An erotically scintillating, adventurously quirky, and incredibly fun! Author Belinda McBride brings to life the Fantasy's and desire many want, but never find. 
For Genie, her drab nonexistent life is finally set free to be who she was truly meant to be. As Genie spends her last night in London, her life shifts to a more colorful and exciting turn of events. 
Between fun loving romping and laughter, sensuality and erotica, three lives become one. But will they stay as one or continue on as their lives began, separately.
Grab this amazing Novel and journey along with these amazing characters. I recommend this to Paranormal Romance and HEA Stories.

Well done!! 🐾🌺

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Crashed Sirens Call by Kerri Ann

Crashed Sirens Call (Crown & Anchor Series) 
by Kerri Ann

An emotionally turbulent story of life and death, losing and finding, and of the known and unknown. This story about Wyatt and Circe and the twists and turns that inundate their lives is a emotionally charged roller coaster. A Story that will take you behind the relationship and into life full speed. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a wonderful inspirational love story. Bring out the tissues, your gonna need them! Well done ! 🌺

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Taking a Chance by Reina Torres

Who knew that a chance meeting at a book signing would change her like?
Jordan Shultz, has spent her life making everyone else happy. She raised her daughter single handedly, encouraging her to excel at all she could especially now with her in college. She was able to manage her boss's hectic schedule in the DeLuca Winery and even became a member of this illustrious family along the way. But she never did anything for herself. She hid behind her job and her friends, life was simple. But on a business trip her boss runs Vance Donavan at a Book Signing and sparks were kindled. Unknown to those in her tiny little world, Jordan had a secret. Ever since her meeting with Vance Donavan, she began what wold turn out to be hundreds of hours of phone calls, video chats and conversations that brought their friendship to a different level. So when Vance needed a break from New York, and quiet to get his newest novel back on course, Jordan offered him a place to stay. It wasn't as if they didn't know one another, and being her boss's friend as well as hers it just seemed natural. Babe would have put him up had he known, but with his family growing, it wasn't exactly the quiet solitude he needed.
They were both nervous in their own ways, they both had feelings for the other, but neither had ever mentioned anything more than their easy going friendship. Will they be able to get past nerves and give in to the passions they raise in each other or will they continue in this blind friendship, letting go what could be the best thing to ever happen to them both. With a little ingenuity, and an even bigger push from one of her besties, Jordan has to decide to cross the line of comfortability, to find a passion she never expected. And Vance will need to decide if staying with Jordan is worth leaving New York's active center. Follow along as these to find what dreams are made of as they fidget along this unexpected romance. I recommend this novel to anyone looking for a superbly written HEA. It took me a bit to get into the story, but once I did I was hooked! Well done🌺


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bodhi’s Synful Mate Iron Wolves MC Book 6 By Elle Boon

An incredibly fast paced Shifter story. The Iron Wolves MC are entangled in a redemption of the past in this exciting episode of Elle Boon's Iron Wolves.
With everything under the sun, from Wolf Shifters, Wolpires, Goddess Blessed Fae, to pregnant mates! This book has a rip roaring plot that will have you glued to your book/reader in excitement!!!
I love how her characters evolve in this Authors book, as they grow with each installment.
I recommend this story to any and all Shifter Lovers and those that love a touch of Fantasy.
Well Done!🌺


Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Jakkattu Vector by P.K. Tyler

I have to admit, I would not have chosen this book based on the cover.
But I am Glad I did!!
I was gifted this book by an Author who supports other Authors works and I am thrilled to add this book to my collection and I will be looking for further works by this Author.
P.K. Tyler introduces us to a futuristic world of possibilities of what could happen if.
Her characters are incredible and realistic, their curiosity is so human and the other life forces are a puzzle that falls into place as the story evolves.
Fantastic interfacing between all characters as they grow on you and pull you into their world.
The action is full score and keeps you on your toes as it speeds you along.
I totally recommend this book to anyone that curiosity is second nature and wanting to know why, is one of your favorite pastimes. Kudos to this Author for their amazing culmination of possibilities. WellDone!🌺


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

St. Helena Vineyard Series: Healing Hearts (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Second Chance Book 3) by Reina Torres

An excellent heart wrenching story with incredible characters that help tie together the lovely St. Helena Vineyard Family. This wonderful HEA story is wrought with heartache, tests, the ability to believe and trust. It is an emotionally charged story that this author has brought to us filled with a roller coaster of emotions! I enjoyed this story of Healing and finding the strength to continue when so many give up. The belief in others and the Heroes we all have in our lives, whether we know it or not. I recommend this story to all Romance readers and especially any Cancer survivor. Because we are the Heros of the battles we fight and win! Thank you Author Reina Torres for this amazing book! Well done!🌺


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Chasing For Cubs: BBW Shapeshifter Navy SEAL Second Chance Forbidden Pregnancy Romance (Shifter Squad Nine Book 3) by Anya Nowlan

Fantastically written, constantly moving with action, Author Anya Nowlan has created a fabulous team of go getters!
No matter what the past has for them, their futures are always eventful. I was pulled into this story from the git go!
I enjoyed the action packed story that had me hanging on as it literally exploded all around this team of adventures.
I recommend this book to any Shifter lover out there as well as anyone who loves radical military people!
Can't wait to see what is in the wings for this rambunctious tea and their mates. Well done🌺


Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Float by WF Waldrip

Author WF Waldrip has created a glimpse of the past along with his Mystery and a bit of Horror along the way. A little difficult for me to get through with the flip flopping of time and characters. But it is interesting to see a different look at the historical value of the past stories and folklore. I would recommend this to those interested in history, mystery and horror all rolled up in a story full of twists. Not exactly my kind of read, but I felt it was a good story that keeps you intrigued all the way to the end.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Sir Cardiff by Ruby Madden

Ruby Madden is an amazing writer that brings an erotic twist of the Harem life to modern days. Her risqué maids of sensuality totally change your outlook on lifestyles. At first I wasn't sure this was a book I would enjoy, but the further I got in the storyline, the more I learned about the characters of this story, the more I couldn't put it down.
This read takes you on an erotic journey of discoveries for both the giver and the th taker. It will take you on a ride of a lifetime, experiences and sensuality.
I recommend this to those open to the sensual twists that life has to offer. Well done🌺


Our Little Secret by Rebecca Raine

Author Rebecca Raine leads you through the ups and downs of any normal love affair/romance, except this relationship is anything but normal.  I enjoyed the journey through this secret romance from beginning to end. Her writing is such that you are ensnared right from the start. She eases you into the story/romance slowly, filling you with the emotions of all parties involved. Each character has their own specific nuances that separate them as their own individual person and not some cookie cutter romance. I loved how she enhanced the relations with actual RL issues that we may encounter in our everyday existence. Her characters are engagingly appealing to me and I am sure many others. She takes one woman's fantasy and turns it into a reality, with all of the twists and turns one would expect in life. A well written story that I wholeheartedly recommend to romance lovers everywhere. Especially those who like the different twists that life tends to throw some people! Well done🌺


Monday, January 9, 2017

The Mistletoe Marquess by Sahara Kelly

What an amazingly fun quirky romance full of historical traditions and fantastic twists in this wonderful storytelling. Author Sahara Kelly has truly brought about the historical feel of old England in it's glorious traditions that occur in some areas for the Christmas Season. We have all heard the tales of Twelveth Night Festivities, The Yule Log, the Seasonal Hunts. But this author brought us a more simplistic yet festive holiday in her own town of Chillendale. With its sweet and lovely Nativity scenes, rolling Christmas Songs or her descriptive winter scenery and Mistletoe Ball.
This story is enchanting from beginning to end. I recommend this to any and all who love Seasonal tales filled with traditions, fun, love and a twist of magic thrown in for good measure. Well done🌺


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rushed by Kerri Ann

An exceptionally written story, with incredible characters that pull you into the storyline. Author Kerri Ann has such a talented way of drawing you into her characters, so much so that it seems as if you had known them your whole life. The drama, action filled story from beginning to end has you enthralled. The intensity of her characters leave you breathless and wanting more.
This Author is able to touch on highly sensitive situations with just the right amount of gentleness to get you through the terrifying and tragic moments with the perfect amount of dignity.
I believe that anyone with a passion for love, life and renewal will enjoy this book. With its twists and turns and intricate surprises, you will be hoping for a sequel. I know I am!
Well Done🌺