Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Baby Pact by Lexi Whitlow

Heartbreakingly Intense, Emotionally Charged, Life Affirming Journey of Love Found, Life Lost, and Finally Redeemed!
Author Lexi Whitlow takes you on the Journey of two Star-crossed Lovers whose lives will never be the same again!
Following the life journey of Eliza and Macon as the fall in love as youngsters only to lose everything mostly due to their youth and their families. Separation doesn't make them forget only long for what was. As they meet up again as young adults, free of their home town and familial ties. There is a spark but there are others that are between them. College life lends to distance as well as people to keep them apart. While one grows to fame and fortune, the other lives in a dark world of fear, loss, and a degrading sense of self. Years later these two lives intersect when they least expect it, brought together by a mutual friend. The sparks are still there, but what will come from that spark? Where one is willing to throw everything away jus to be together again, the other is afraid. The fear of the past that is hunting Eliza could destroy everything that they are trying to rebuild. The characters in this story are deeply tied together no matter what has come through their lives. The author has a way of "fleshing out" her characters so that you feel as if you know them, you start to feel for the tragedies and triumphs they go through time and time again. You feel the fear Eliza lives through, the passion she and Macon share s they try to rebuild the life together they lost soany years ago.
I recommend this story to anyone who loves a deep love story and can handle the emotional ups and downs that this story will lead you on.
Excellent, Heart-Stopping Emotion, Well Done!🌺

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Whiskey's Redemption, Book four in Crown and Anchor Series by Kerri Ann

The Crown Family is still going through their own type of hell with all the world tumbling down around the. Secrets within secrets surround them and may end up toppling the Crown Dynasty. Will they all be able to survive what is coming, or will they end up splintered and shattered.
Author Kerri Ann has done it again! With the telling of Whiskey's story, much of the family pieces fall into place, but will his sanity be tested by the family lawyers who have their own agenda? Will Whiskey and Carli finally come face to face with their growing relationship? This newest installment of the Crown and Anchor Series will have you twisted and torn by the events that are sent into motion by the many influences on these young people's lives. Tragedy and Destiny unfold on these pages, but will they survive it all. Grab your copy of this extremely intense read to see what is to come for this amazing family! Well Done!!🌺♥️

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Fluff by Kailee Reese Samuels

Author Amber Rosen aka Lady Mae East runs into a few friends from her past at a Writers Conference. Sal Raniero she loves to see anytime anywhere, but she isn't too sure about Dale Archer aka Cyclone Blonde. Dale was a part of her past that she wasn't sure she wanted to embrace again, but her body aches for him. Dale co-ordinated being able to meet up with Amber after all these years, especially after he lost track of her when she disappeared from Gina's a Dance Club in New Orleans that he just happened to own.
The strong passions entwine these two main characters, their past holds more than either of them can avoid.
Author Kailee Reese Samuels Creates a world of Dominance and Submission, Pain and Pleasure. Where you find what you need whether you know what what it is you need or not. The Sensual tensions that surround all of these characters is at an all time high. The lust and passions between Amber and Dale are epic in the unspoken volumes of their relationship. Dale/Cylone has a control issue where Amber is concerned, he does everything in his power and that power is huge to keep track of her, to know she is safe. There are many things in Ambers life that she needs to be saved from, their are even things she doesn't know about, things that Dale knows, but never told her.
Leaving the alternative lifestyle she shared with Dale behind her, Amber does what she needs to to to make her life as full as possible. To be able to not rely on anyone but herself. But the world wakes up once they meet again at the Conference and Amber's life is again in danger. Between Dale and Sal Amber is on the run while the guys try and figure out who is after Amber. Will their relationship ever have a chance to be brought together? Will Amber ever be able to give in to Dale again after everything that has happened? Grab your copy of Fluff and follow the journey of a Dom and his Sub and the travels they go through to find the life they really need.
Well written, with intense characters that keep you enthralled in the storyline and the world of alternative lives.
Recommend to mature adults with open minds and inquisitive natures!
Ya gotta Love Sal and all of his Friends and Family!!🌺♥️