Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Grayslake: More than Mated: Beneath the Surface (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Reina Torres

An incredibly sweet romance filled with so much emotion. Two people from two different worlds find each other in a totally unexpected moment. Grace Howard returns to Grayslake, Georgia as an adult to help out her Aunt and Uncle while her Aunt is recovering from an injury. Travis Owen, formally of Arcadia, is looking for somewhere peaceful and quiet after leaving his drama filled home.
Never one to believe in love at first sight, Travis is stunned by the emotions he feels when he catches first sight of Grace. Immediately he feels she is his life mate. But he has a big job ahead of him, convincing her and trying to fit in to this new town.
Grace on the other hand has plans to see the world. This trip down memory lane with her Uncle and Aunt is only a temporary stop before she heads off to Europe. She has no plans on staying or settling down. She has feelings for Travis too, but she feels lust and passion and figures a quick fling is just what she needs before heading off to see the world. Unfortunately that isn't what happens and between an age old secret an old friend and the town Authorities things go to hell in a hand basket real fast!

Superb characters and an excellent storyline that drag you in and refuses to let go until you are done and begging for more! Grab yourself a copy snuggle up with your favorite beverage and prepare for an emotion roller coaster ride. This one brought me to tears! Well Done!🌺

Bunny: A Short-n-Sweet Romantic Comedy (Bow-Wow Bistro Series) By Teddy Cat Hester

An absolutely Sweet Whimsical Romance! I have never read a romance quite like Teddy Cat Hester's Bunny! It is filled with laughter, comedy, love lost and found. Her writing was inspiring for not only romantics but animal lovers as well. Her storyline was perfect in that it had intrigue, mystery, laughter and solid decisions that needed to be made. The characters were loveable and whimsical since half of the characters were dogs.😊
The interactions between the humans and the canines were priceless and I am hoping there are more in store! This is my first read of this author and I am hooked! Grab your copy of "Bunny" and come join the fun!! Well Done!🌺

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Package Deal (An MFM Ménage Romance) by Jess Bentley

Clear animal attraction straight from the beginning! Bella will do just about anything to get away from the fluff pieces she is writing and back to her own passion of writing, but Hannah has other Ideas. Old friend and employer Hannah will do anything to save the publication she run, including throwing her "best friend and employee" under the bus. Or in this case to the Beasts, Dillon and Emmet Riordan Billionaire Co-Presidents of Riordan Publications. In order to save the upcoming merger, Hannah has a plan for Bella to date Emmet to "clean up his act". But honest confusion begins even befor they start. An adult comedy of errors ensues and Bella gets caught up in the most secretive scandalous assignment of her life! Will Bella be able to tame the Beasts, will the Beasts be able to give Cinderella (Bella) her dream?
Grab your copy and follow along on the twisting paths of "Package Deal".
Well written, wonderful characters, a modern day twist on childhood fairy tales that will keep you entranced till the end!
Well Done!🌺


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Theoretical Love (Masterclass Book 2) by JJ King

Author JJ King is an amazing writer, the way she brings passions to life is a wonderful gift. Many times you read about the rough tough Alpha lovers that turn all of our heads. But in this Novella JJ King gives us Inquisitive Longingness with Silent Desire and a search for True Love. Rachel has spent a lifetime burying herself in her one passion, literature. Never thinking she would ever find her own true love. With her difficult past with her mother, she tries all she can to avoid the same situations. But with the loss of her mother, her emotions are close to the surface and after meeting Etta, they are on their own roller coaster ride.
Join us in discovering what path Rachel will follow and if she will ever find that lasting passion.
Well Done!🌺


Epic Love (Masterclass Book 1) by JJ King

What a wonderfully sweet romance. If you are looking for an amazing quick read, then this is one you're going to want to keep!
After a failed marriage Zoey returns to the University to finish her Masters. Feeling like a fish out of water, she joins a class and some professors at a mixer where she meets some surprising people. Along her journey of rediscovery she meets Bash, a Professor who seems to share many of the same things. A sudden discovery along with a sudden discovery of each other drives this story to the perfect precipice. Thoroughly enjoyable read, can't wait to see what more is to come!
Well Done🌺


Hung (Mister Hotshot Book 1) by Anne Marsh

This review is from: Hung (Mister Hotshot Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
What happens when you have a bunch of Firefighters/Smokejumpers in one camp, in a small town, for a long Season. Well let me tell you all the single ladies become aware of all these men and after a while all the men are aware of which ladies to avoid!
Also, what happens to these single ladies after a long enough time with these Firefighters? They come up with a group who call themselves The Breakup Club.
These two groups wok together, play together and along the way some even find love together.
Pick is one of the Team Leaders up at Big Bear Lake, he has been doing Seasons here for a few years, he loves his job and the excitement it brings. Sarah Jo is a new inhabitant of Baby Bear Lodge, this is where all the ladies that work with the gang at Big Bear Lake live. And Sarah Jo is the newest Cook on the line to feed these big burly Firefighters.
How will these two work things out is a mystery, almost as mysterious as Sarah Jo's past. But pick refuses to let what he feels is the real thing go. Sarah Jo is afraid that she is gonna have to run again. It doesn't help that her fellow cooks put her up to a bit of good clean fun, that leaves Sarah Jo and Pick in the middle of a Fire hotter than they both expected.
Grab this read to follow along on the journey these two travel to find true love and a life without regrets.
Great read, wonderful characters, loved it!🌺

Invaluable (The Trident Code Book 2) by Alana Albertson

Invaluable is an incredible read with a great cast of characters. In this story you have two of the most unlikeliest people who find a connection.
Kyle a one time Football player who gave up the life to become a Navy Seal and Sara an up and coming Cheerleader he is working on a degree in education. After meeting at a local San Diego club the two share a night of no ties passion.
Months later they run into each other in the most unlikely of places. But things don't turn out any way close to whe either of them expected.
The whirlwind relationship of these two incredible people combined with the unexpected and fearful attack that Sara and her teammates endure causes reaction in all involved. A wonderful read, with great characters. I recommend this to all lovers of romance and those Hunky Military Seals!🌺

Friday, August 4, 2017

Guarding Her: A Secret Baby Romance by Lexi Whitlow

Wonderful interactions within the storyline with absolutely great characters. The pull of this story was so great that I finished it in one sitting, I just had to know what was going to happen!
When Maddox was shuttled off to the Marines at the insistence of General Richard Thomas, you just have that feeling that somewhere down the road he and the Generals daughter are going to cross paths again.
Even though Avery Thomas is told all the sordid things of Maddox Bryant's past, she still wants to talk with him, but he never responds leaving a gapping hole in both of their lives.
Avery's mother, Senator Evelyn Thomas has a plan for everything and this included her daughter. She expected her to finish her education at Stanford Law and become a prestigious Attorney. But Avery had her own ideas on what she wanted out of an education.
But life throws a monkey wrench into all of their lives after Avery is seriously attacked.
Avery is forced to take the security her parents have been trying to force on her for years, and surprise surprise who said Security is.
Seven years in the Marines and out on honorable discharge for an injury, Maddox becomes her new bodyguard. With secrets of his own on why he needs this job, the fight between the two is just beginning.
Tempers flair on all sides of this twisted situation, but who will be the winner and who is behind all the attempts and threats against Avery?
Grab your copy and follow along this tempestuous journey as they rise and fall as they may!
Well written, great interactions between all of the characters. I recommend this to all readers looking for a bit of intrigue with their romance.
Well Done🌺


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Not his Werewolf: Shifter Romance by Annie Nicolas

What an incredibly sweet story! Shifters have one true wish and that is to find their one and only, their Soulmates. It is a difficult wish to fulfill for many but not for Ken Birch, his problem was convincing Betty Newman of that fact. Betty left her pack at 18. When she was unable to shift, forcing her to accept the human side of her life instead of the Shifter half. Being forced out of her pack  left lasting scars on Betty, some she really never wants to encounter again. But then Ken enters her life and nothing is ever going to be the same again.
This was an enjoyable read from beginning to end. The action was at a good enough pace that it kept me enthralled all the way through. I refused to put it down and finished it in one reading, * IT WAS THAT GOOD **!! I totally recommend this to all Shifter Lovers and those that love the mischievous side of life! Werewolves, Vampires and Dragons, what more can you ask for!
Grab your copy to find out how this couple finds their way, and meet all of their fun loving yet crazy friends and family!! Well Done!🌺


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Broken Magic: Worlds of Magic Book 1 Catherine Vale

If you enjoyed Alice in Wonderland, I think you will enjoy this Magical Twist on a Classic!
Magic abounds in this read that abounds with mystical magical worlds. Alicia, the main character is in search of her parents who have seemed to have disappeared. As she travels through some Beautiful but Dangerous Worlds she finds allies in the most unusual circumstances.
Well written with a quick and quirky pace that introduces you to worlds and personages as you travel along. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys magic and classics!