Friday, August 4, 2017

Guarding Her: A Secret Baby Romance by Lexi Whitlow

Wonderful interactions within the storyline with absolutely great characters. The pull of this story was so great that I finished it in one sitting, I just had to know what was going to happen!
When Maddox was shuttled off to the Marines at the insistence of General Richard Thomas, you just have that feeling that somewhere down the road he and the Generals daughter are going to cross paths again.
Even though Avery Thomas is told all the sordid things of Maddox Bryant's past, she still wants to talk with him, but he never responds leaving a gapping hole in both of their lives.
Avery's mother, Senator Evelyn Thomas has a plan for everything and this included her daughter. She expected her to finish her education at Stanford Law and become a prestigious Attorney. But Avery had her own ideas on what she wanted out of an education.
But life throws a monkey wrench into all of their lives after Avery is seriously attacked.
Avery is forced to take the security her parents have been trying to force on her for years, and surprise surprise who said Security is.
Seven years in the Marines and out on honorable discharge for an injury, Maddox becomes her new bodyguard. With secrets of his own on why he needs this job, the fight between the two is just beginning.
Tempers flair on all sides of this twisted situation, but who will be the winner and who is behind all the attempts and threats against Avery?
Grab your copy and follow along this tempestuous journey as they rise and fall as they may!
Well written, great interactions between all of the characters. I recommend this to all readers looking for a bit of intrigue with their romance.
Well Done🌺

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