Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hung (Mister Hotshot Book 1) by Anne Marsh

This review is from: Hung (Mister Hotshot Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
What happens when you have a bunch of Firefighters/Smokejumpers in one camp, in a small town, for a long Season. Well let me tell you all the single ladies become aware of all these men and after a while all the men are aware of which ladies to avoid!
Also, what happens to these single ladies after a long enough time with these Firefighters? They come up with a group who call themselves The Breakup Club.
These two groups wok together, play together and along the way some even find love together.
Pick is one of the Team Leaders up at Big Bear Lake, he has been doing Seasons here for a few years, he loves his job and the excitement it brings. Sarah Jo is a new inhabitant of Baby Bear Lodge, this is where all the ladies that work with the gang at Big Bear Lake live. And Sarah Jo is the newest Cook on the line to feed these big burly Firefighters.
How will these two work things out is a mystery, almost as mysterious as Sarah Jo's past. But pick refuses to let what he feels is the real thing go. Sarah Jo is afraid that she is gonna have to run again. It doesn't help that her fellow cooks put her up to a bit of good clean fun, that leaves Sarah Jo and Pick in the middle of a Fire hotter than they both expected.
Grab this read to follow along on the journey these two travel to find true love and a life without regrets.
Great read, wonderful characters, loved it!🌺

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