Monday, August 29, 2016

Savage Lover (Savage Angels MC #4) by Kathleen Kelly

Savage Lover (Savage Angels MC #4) by Kathleen Kelly

After the devastating damage and death dealt by the Death Minions MC to the Savage Angels MC's families and the  town of Tourmaline, things have been quiet. The Savage Angels took over the businesses in Marlow that fell under the Death Minions jurisdiction after many were killed in the bloodbath that was supposed to be the Wedding of the Year between locals Kat Saunders, lead singer for the Grinders and Dane Reynolds, President of the Savage Angels MC.

But a year later, there are some in the Death Minions MC that refuse to go down. While everyone else heals and rebuilds, Adriel rebuilds his army, with plans on regaining everything they lost if not more.

The most popular MC run Club in Marlow "The Cherry" took a lot of the Death Minions business even before the bloodbath in Tourmaline, with Destiny, a very popular dancer at the club pulling in crowds. After an attack on The Cherry, Dane and the Savage Angels are on the look out to find out who would do such a thing. Then a "message" arrives at the Club Compound in the form of a dead member they find difficult to identify.

As they identify their dead brother, as Nomad JJ, they are worried for fellow brothers Kade and Zeke, as they are never far from one another. But on their way back to Tourmaline they discover Destiny's car wrapped around a tree. 

Destiny and Kade have an invisible link between them, but there are secrets that may pull them apart as danger hides behind every corner and trust begins to fail in some. Kat and Dane fall into despair as secrets build and their marriage starts to crumble.

Join Kathleen Kelly as she sends you through an emotional roller coaster ride. Read along as she takes you on an adventure with love, have, death and redemption.

Be sure to read the rest of her Savage Angels MC Series, for more amazing reading!🌺 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Feral (Many Lives Book 1) by Laxmi Hariharan

Feral : A Many Lives Story by Laxmi Hariharan

In a futuristic story of half-human/half-wolf hybrids known but not fully understood we find a pack of highly emotional Individuals.

 Maya is raised within the pack of hybrids, all her life she has believed that one day she too would know her inner wolf, until the day she finds out the secret her Alpha mother has kept hidden all these years.

Luke, already learning to adapt to his wolf still needs to control himself, especially around Maya. But Maya's mother the packs Alpha, tries to warn them away from each other. Regardless they still have strong feelings for each other that they cannot contain.

After learning the secret of her beginnings Maya does what she needs to to find out more truth than she knows. She moves into the city to try to find her birth family, but how does one find what they don't know anything about?

Maya makes friends with Jai, and has strange feelings for him, similar to those that she has for Luke, but not exactly. But there are feelings, what does this mean, and who are the people in the photo Maya see's that causes strange feelings within.

Grab this emotionally tinged story that will touch you from the beginning. Follow along while Maya threads her way through the unknown to track down her past.

Delta Recon (Seal Team Phantom a Series, Book 2) by Elle Boon

Delta Recon (Seal Team Phantom a Series, Book2)
by Elle Boon

Jaqui Wallace was a Naval Officer, a Computer Specialist. Who was also the newest member of Seal Team Phantom, filling in for team member Taylor Rouland while he is recovering from previous injuries. 

But while on assignment she is kidnapped by a Columbian Drug Lord and his Cartel. 
Filthy, starved and beaten she maintains her cover, no matter what they throw at her.
Eventually Jaqui escapes and after running through the jungle and facing down a panther, Tay & Kai finally find her and rescue her back to the states.

The danger is not over and the stakes have gotten steeper. Love and family are now in danger as Jaqui and Tay do everything in their powers to protect those they love without losing each other.

Grab Elle Boon's 2nd installment of the Seal Team Phantom as the danger never quits and the lives involved never say die!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Bear Prince : A BBW Bear Shifter Billionaire Paranormal Romance Novella ( Seattles Billionaire Bears Book 3)

The Bear Prince by Sable Sylvan

Crystal Wordsworth - Journalist for Seattle Free Gazette is on Special Assignment to cover the Annual Asher-Dixon Golden Ball in Seattle Washington. The event of the year, The Golden Ball is a Global Invitation Only Event for the Elite Societies of both the shifter and human worlds. This is an event that has never been open to the press before. The paparazzi attend every year but are only able to photograph the guests as they enter this Red Carpet Event. Crystal is not only invited to interview the guests, but receives a full invitation to the event not a press pass.

While prepping for the event Crystal takes some photos of the landscape surrounding the garden and entrance leading to the ballroom as well as the labyrinth when she inadvertently photographs a man, who Crystal mistakes for a groundskeeper pruning the hedges. 
Damien notices her as She photographs the hedges and notices as he comes up to her as she deletes the photo and retakes a photo of the hedges without the him in it.
As Crystals packs up for the day the invitation she received falls into the garden well. She begs him to save the invitation for her, and Damien he agrees if she will go on three dates with him. One date a week for three weeks. She finally agrees and he retrieves the invitation, but by this time the invitation is utterly ruined, but Damien promises to get her another, from a friend who should have a spare.

Damien, introduces himself as Damien Michaels instead of Dixon, concerned with the notoriety of the name. But both Damien and his bear feel more than they expected upon meeting this luscious bundle of woman. In order to see more of her, Damien bargains to help her retrieve her invitation in exchange with her agreeing to go on three dates with him, his guarantee to see more of her.

Keeping secrets are never a good thing, but the chemistry between these two is almost combustible! You need to get "The Bear Prince" by Sable Sylvan to see how this princely couple find their way to romance! 🌺 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Goldilocks and The Three Bear Shifters: A BBW Paranormal Romance (Bear-y Spicey Fairy Tales Book 1)

Goldilocks and the Three Bear Shifters: 
A BBW Paranormal Romance ( Bear-y Spicy Fairy Tales Book 1)   
by Sable Sylvan

Port Jameson, home of Bear Shifters and most importantly the hometown of Goldilocks Evans, curvaceous golden haired Goldie. Goldie hasn't been home since she graduated five years ago and now she is double thinking being back home for her Five Year Reunion.

Growing up had been an experience foThe r Goldie in Port Jameson, with her there best friends Brian, Glenn and Cliff. But things changed their Senior year when while humans went through puberty, shifters went through their own kind of changes. When all of her best friends got their Mating Marks, they were all convinced that each one of them was Goldie's Fated Mate. When they all ended up with the exact mark, things got crazy and Goldie ran as fast as her human feet could carry her.

Off to Seattle Goldilocks majored in Marketing and found work while her parents moved away leaving her the family home. So now she is back for her Reunion and of course she runs into her three Bears, what happens next? They all still believe she is their singular Fated Mate, but what happens when she activates all of their Mate Marks? How is that even possible?

Well I suggest you grab Sable Sylvans "Goldilocks and the Three Bear Shifters: A BBW Paranormal Romance ( Bear-y Spicy Fairy Tales Book 1)" to find out what happens with Goldilocks and Her Three Shifter Bears! 😉💋

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Delta Salvation (Seal Team Phantom Series, Book 1) by Elle Boon

Delta Salvation (Seal Team Phantom Series, Book 1)
By Elle Boon

When Alexa Gordon is attacked by a psychotic ex- boyfriend her life is thrown into a massive tailspin. She no longer knows who to trust and what in her life is or was real.
On her way to a different town for safety reasons while waiting for her court case against her ex, one thing after another goes wrong. She is followed, her tire goes flat, she is unwillingly added to a militaristic group of really scary people.

Kayan Swift is looking for a traitor to his team and to his country when he stumbles upon Alexa and the mystery that surrounds her. But that doesn't stop him from having feelings for her and no matter what he tries he always comes back to Alexa.

When Kai realizes Alexa is the target of a dangerous predator and long hidden mysteries, bodies start stacking up. Will they be able to find the love their hearts so demand or will the mysterious circumstances of Alexa and her past come between them. Will these unknown secrets tear them apart, or worse yet kill one or both of them.

Elle Boon is an amazing writer who grabs your imagination along with your emotions right from the start. As she takes you on the adventure of a lifetime as you roller coaster along with the story and her characters. Grab your copy of "Delta Salvation (Seal Team Phantom Series, Book 1) and begin your Adventure!!🌺

Rumpled Bear Skin by Sable Sylvan

What happens when one of the Asher-Dixon Cousins starts looking for his Fated Mate over and over again? Well the young man gets a reputation is what!  Jasper Dixon of the Pacific Northwest Asher Lumber company has gotten himself the nickname of "Rumpled Bear Skin" due to the office rumors of his taking a woman to his cabin for one sexy hot night and then never dating them again. Not exactly the kind of man you would knowingly want to have a relationship with.

Artemis Miller, newest Public Relations Intern for Asher Lumber has a little over one month left on her internship before she heads back to finish her final year of collage. She finds herself called to the office of Cedar Asher, Chief Operations Officer of Asher Lumber where she sees Jasper up close and personal for the first time, where he proceeds to rub her the wrong way!

Well noted for her knowledge and ability to turn just about anything to gold, Artemis's skills are called to help organize a well known charity event into something that will appeal to the normal everyday person. With the help of Jasper, they have one week to come up with an idea that will be able to be approved and implemented by Asher Lumber in its Midwest areas to help increase sales.

So what happens when a Bear Shifter takes what he thinks may be his true Fated Mate to Port Jameson for a week of work and collaboration? Well, you need to read Sable Sylvans " Rumpled Bear Skin" to find out if these two firecrackers can find the time to be themselves or lose their dreams forever.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

First Moon : Werewolf Romance by Michelle Fox

What happens when a rogue Wolf decides to create a pack of his own?
Unaware of connecting situations Audrey Levine, wildlife rehabilitation specialist for the local park rangers in the Lake Michigan area stumbles across a situation she is unsure how to handle. 
When a local is found dead, Audrey is called to the scene when she is found to be the last person called. What is found is a large black wolf that looks injured in a cage. A wolf not common in the Lake Michigan area. As the area specialist Audrey decides to take the wolf to be sure it heals properly.
Michelle Fox takes us on an adventure as we watch Tao, brother of the rogue wolf, work his magic as he tries to save all that have become bitten before they become apart of a rogue pack that is on the endangered list before they even begin.
Join Audrey and Tao as they find each other and work together to save this newly made group of werewolves, and try to explain what will happen to these humans before their "First Moon"! 🌺 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Josiah's Love & Justice Volume 1: Four Slave by Lucas X. Black

Josiah's Love & Justice Volume 1: Four Slave 
by Lucas X. Black

Lucas X Black a Gentleman & Writer Extraordinaire, he takes us into a different lifestyle some of us may not even know about. He writes with care and compassion for his characters and his readers. He writing brings his stories to life as he takes you on a journey with his heart wrenching situations. His erotica has love, pain, laughter and most importantly for me believability. Well done Mr Black for an eye opening look into this other world. 🌺 
Josiah is a prominent lawyer married to a physician that is part of a partnership of Physicians. Josiah is also a Beadle, a person that others go to when their "slave" needs to be punished, broken and or humbled when their "Master" is for some reason or other unable to. 
Josiah is contacted for this very reason to discipline what seems to be a military "trophy" wife. All blonde beauty, with a need to grow up before her actions shine unfavorably on her Husband/Masters career.
Though Josiah has not taken a client in some time, he willingly does so in this instance.
After her medical exam, which proves she is in good health, he brings her to his isolated farm for discipline. 
After a full weekend, the client needs to be released earlier than expected, and things on the farm have begun to heat up as confessions are made from more than one person. Life on this farm is about to change drastically and increase the numbers of this quiet family. Through the pain and tears of humbled learnings and teachings this group learns to lean on one another as one after another each persons life is tossed into a turmoil of which they never knew.
So what happens when a Beadle seems to inherit two doctors, a Dominatrix and a former client? You will need to read Josiah's Love and Justice Volume 1: Four Slaves by Lucas X Black to find out!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Devious Revenge by: Erin Trejo

Erin Trejo takes you on a dark journey. What do you do with your life after you are raped, beaten and betrayed by your only friend?
Life is never the same for Hannah after that horrible day at the tender age of fourteen. When her best friend handed her over to her brothers, Hannah's life changed in a heartbeat. Years later after living a life of shame, Hannah meets Drew, a man with as much darkness in his life as in hers. Together they find something they never expected to find in life, a mirror to their soul. But will her plans of revenge ruin everything and everyone? As the body count starts to rise, how are all of these players connected? And how does one lose everything in an instance of "Devious Revenge". Grab ahold for a very bumpy ride!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Vampire Lawyer (The Vampire Legacy, Book 2 by: Sheri Kurtz

Vampire Lawyer (The Vampire Legacy, Book Two) by Sheri Kurtz

In today's day and age people fall in love all the time. But what happens when a human falls in love with a Vampire? Who'd have thought that prejudices would be a deadly part of falling in love! Kat Anderson has fallen in love with her gorgeous eyes part Cherokee Human Tyler Clough, a fellow Law Student. Being raised as the daughter of the local Sheriff really put a crunch of her high school romance. She wasn't sure if they ran faster from her dad the Sheriff or Mark a childhood friend.

Well it is time to come home for a long awaited visit as Christmas break arrives and Kat is bringing Ty home to meet the family. Being daddy's little girl puts the pressure on as Kat brings together those she loves most. But just in the middle of family bonding, Ty gets a threat, that Humans and  Vampires don't mix. And for his safety he better move on. As the danger mounts and the threats increase, will Ty stay with his Vampire love or will he tuck tail and run? Grab Sheri Kurtz's newest in the "Vampire Legacy Series" to find out how this Christmas romance will end!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Savage Town (Savage Angels MC #3) by: Kathleen Kelly

Savage Town (Savage Angels MC #3) by Kathleen Kelly

Kathleen Kelly does it again, she knows how to twist the heart and shred every emotion with her writing.
Tourmaline is the scene of the Wedding of the year, and has been inundated with the mobs of press and fans of Kat Saunders and the Grinders! Kat can't even walk down the road with out her bodyguards running interventions with crowds. 
Dane is paranoid more than ever, but who can blame him. He is weeks away from marring the lady of his heart!  Between running business for the Savage Angels MC, putting up family and friends in his home and trying to keep his favorite lady safe from anything that may happen, this Brother is driving himself ragged, Even with the help of his fellow Brothers.
Kat is frustrated that her big day, that Dane has agreed to because he loves her and would do anything for her, has become such a monumental headache.
But when Gareth Goodman escapes the psychiatric hospital he has been imprisoned to since his kidnapping of Kat and his assault on Dane, everything becomes even more stressful and tense. And when the local Bakery, known to be the Bakery in charge of the Wedding Cake burns down, Kat has a meltdown and her Manager Dave is called.
Join the family; The Savage Angels MC, The Grinders, the band Dark Ink, along with Danes sister Emily and her family in a turbulent emotional ride as you dive right into this newest edition of Savage Angels MC!! Grab it fast and just immerse yourself in this fabulous read!!🌺

Friday, August 5, 2016

Savage Fire (Savage Angels MC #2) by: Kathleen Kelly

Savage Fire (Savage Angels MC #2) by Kathleen Kelly

Emily Reynolds has not really lived, but existed in the shadow of her drunk and abusive father for the majority of her life. But she feels he needs her no matter how angry at the world he is. As his life is surrendered to the Cancer that has been eating away at him, she is with him day and night at the hospital, trying to make it easier for him. Because no matter how much of a bastard he is, she still loves him.
With his passing grief turns to anger towards her brother Dane, President of the Savage Angels MC. So she decides on the spur of the moment to head to Tourmaline, a four-day drive. Who knew so much could happen in four days.
Salvatore Agostino, Captain of the Abruzzi Family has been doing business with Christina Saunders, owner of the Grinders Transportation Company. But it seems since her death, someone has been undercutting the Abruzzi Family East Coast operations.
And he is required to go to Tourmaline to take care of business.
That is where these two paths begin to intertwine, as Salvatore saves Emily from a potential vicious episode with a trucker, and then again on the side of the rode. Who knew trouble could find such a compact female so often in such a short time.
But it seems they both have found something neither one thought they had needed before, as their lives become more and more tangled together.
Will this new relationship weather the storm that is about to begin? Will Emily be able to trust her long lost brother Dane, and will Salvatore be able to do his business without losing Emily? 
Grab this one quick to find out how the Savage Angels, The Abruzzi Family and Emily Saunders weather the storm headed right for them, with Emily unknowingly in the core of the Storm!
Great writer even greater Series, if you haven't yet you need to check out the " Savage Angels MC Series"!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Savage Stalker (Savage Angels #1) by: Kathleen Kelly

Savage Stalker by Kathleen Kelly

Gorgeous Rock Star Goddess Katarina Saunders and her Band the *Grinders* have just finished their last Concert of their latest Tour. An incredible talent, Kat has been leading the wave of perfection for over twelve years. A Wild Child she has been in and out of relationships over the years. But her relationship of the last year with Action Actor Gareth Goodman needs to end. He broke her rule on loyalty and cheating with one of her backup singers. He broke trust with her and she was ready to break loose of their relationship. Through tragedy, Kat looses not only her career, but her voice and her mom. She moves back to her moms home in a small town and locks herself away from the world.
Dane Reynolds, President of the Savage Angels MC  out of Tourmaline. Dane, just happens to be her closest neighbor, an unknown friend of her mothers, an inheritor of her mothers Transportation Business, as well as being the one man she just can't say no to. Romance blooms in the most unexpected place, the Music Worlds Darling meets the Hottest Motorcycle riding Hunk. Both have pasts, both have authority issues and both share a passion that could ignite the world. 
Dane needs to control his world and Kat needs stability and protection. They find it in each other, but someone threatens their happiness and someone gets murdered.
Read Kathleen Kelly's "Savage Stalker (Savage Angels MC #1) to see how this amazing story finishes! ** Great Writing**

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

K(ink)y Curves by: Jodi Redford - Thundercorns & Unicats 'Oh My!!

Such a playful story about two  lonely misfits who are anything but!
Grady is one of the Hottest Strippers "Sinners" has ever had. The only problem is that being on stage gives Grady stage fright and panic attacks, not the usual in what you would expect from such a hot looking guy.
Mentally and emotionally scarred by his father, Grady feels worthless as his inner demons work their magic on him. He struggles nightly just to get through with his performances. Then he can go home and be himself with his own personal Sex Goddess, Charlie.
Though their relationship is not what one would call a regular relationship. Charlie of the golden voice, is a Phone Sex Operator that Grady met about a year ago.
A year in which he has abstained for being intimate with any other woman.
Charlie, whose sexy voice fills Grady with such lust-full thoughts, is also the only woman he can be himself with. The only one he can tell his secrets too.
Now Charlie, this amazing Goddess, feels anything but. She feels as if there are two Charlie's, #1 - The Sexy Goddess of Phone Sex, & #2 - the every day Charlie who has personal body issues, and a heartbreaking romantic past.
What will it take for these two to break out of their shells? Well you will just have to read their story to see!
Amazing Story, Amazing Writer!!