Sunday, August 28, 2016

Delta Recon (Seal Team Phantom a Series, Book 2) by Elle Boon

Delta Recon (Seal Team Phantom a Series, Book2)
by Elle Boon

Jaqui Wallace was a Naval Officer, a Computer Specialist. Who was also the newest member of Seal Team Phantom, filling in for team member Taylor Rouland while he is recovering from previous injuries. 

But while on assignment she is kidnapped by a Columbian Drug Lord and his Cartel. 
Filthy, starved and beaten she maintains her cover, no matter what they throw at her.
Eventually Jaqui escapes and after running through the jungle and facing down a panther, Tay & Kai finally find her and rescue her back to the states.

The danger is not over and the stakes have gotten steeper. Love and family are now in danger as Jaqui and Tay do everything in their powers to protect those they love without losing each other.

Grab Elle Boon's 2nd installment of the Seal Team Phantom as the danger never quits and the lives involved never say die!

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