Monday, August 29, 2016

Savage Lover (Savage Angels MC #4) by Kathleen Kelly

Savage Lover (Savage Angels MC #4) by Kathleen Kelly

After the devastating damage and death dealt by the Death Minions MC to the Savage Angels MC's families and the  town of Tourmaline, things have been quiet. The Savage Angels took over the businesses in Marlow that fell under the Death Minions jurisdiction after many were killed in the bloodbath that was supposed to be the Wedding of the Year between locals Kat Saunders, lead singer for the Grinders and Dane Reynolds, President of the Savage Angels MC.

But a year later, there are some in the Death Minions MC that refuse to go down. While everyone else heals and rebuilds, Adriel rebuilds his army, with plans on regaining everything they lost if not more.

The most popular MC run Club in Marlow "The Cherry" took a lot of the Death Minions business even before the bloodbath in Tourmaline, with Destiny, a very popular dancer at the club pulling in crowds. After an attack on The Cherry, Dane and the Savage Angels are on the look out to find out who would do such a thing. Then a "message" arrives at the Club Compound in the form of a dead member they find difficult to identify.

As they identify their dead brother, as Nomad JJ, they are worried for fellow brothers Kade and Zeke, as they are never far from one another. But on their way back to Tourmaline they discover Destiny's car wrapped around a tree. 

Destiny and Kade have an invisible link between them, but there are secrets that may pull them apart as danger hides behind every corner and trust begins to fail in some. Kat and Dane fall into despair as secrets build and their marriage starts to crumble.

Join Kathleen Kelly as she sends you through an emotional roller coaster ride. Read along as she takes you on an adventure with love, have, death and redemption.

Be sure to read the rest of her Savage Angels MC Series, for more amazing reading!🌺 

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