Sunday, August 21, 2016

First Moon : Werewolf Romance by Michelle Fox

What happens when a rogue Wolf decides to create a pack of his own?
Unaware of connecting situations Audrey Levine, wildlife rehabilitation specialist for the local park rangers in the Lake Michigan area stumbles across a situation she is unsure how to handle. 
When a local is found dead, Audrey is called to the scene when she is found to be the last person called. What is found is a large black wolf that looks injured in a cage. A wolf not common in the Lake Michigan area. As the area specialist Audrey decides to take the wolf to be sure it heals properly.
Michelle Fox takes us on an adventure as we watch Tao, brother of the rogue wolf, work his magic as he tries to save all that have become bitten before they become apart of a rogue pack that is on the endangered list before they even begin.
Join Audrey and Tao as they find each other and work together to save this newly made group of werewolves, and try to explain what will happen to these humans before their "First Moon"! 🌺 

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