Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Vampire Lawyer (The Vampire Legacy, Book 2 by: Sheri Kurtz

Vampire Lawyer (The Vampire Legacy, Book Two) by Sheri Kurtz

In today's day and age people fall in love all the time. But what happens when a human falls in love with a Vampire? Who'd have thought that prejudices would be a deadly part of falling in love! Kat Anderson has fallen in love with her gorgeous eyes part Cherokee Human Tyler Clough, a fellow Law Student. Being raised as the daughter of the local Sheriff really put a crunch of her high school romance. She wasn't sure if they ran faster from her dad the Sheriff or Mark a childhood friend.

Well it is time to come home for a long awaited visit as Christmas break arrives and Kat is bringing Ty home to meet the family. Being daddy's little girl puts the pressure on as Kat brings together those she loves most. But just in the middle of family bonding, Ty gets a threat, that Humans and  Vampires don't mix. And for his safety he better move on. As the danger mounts and the threats increase, will Ty stay with his Vampire love or will he tuck tail and run? Grab Sheri Kurtz's newest in the "Vampire Legacy Series" to find out how this Christmas romance will end!

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