Saturday, June 17, 2017

Let The Waves Come In by J.L. Leslie

WOW I COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN!!! I finished it in one afternoon, it was so captivating! What an incredibly moving story of a young woman's journey of self discovery and forgiveness of not only herself but those in her life. I was totally drawn into this story from the beginning.
A young girl Aubrey, coming of age and sharing such a precious gift with the man she has always loved, only to have the moment destroyed so achingly. Then to have Love ripped away years later when her fiancé and his family blame her for an accident that leaves him dreadfully injured. And finally when these two loves re-enter Her life and send her in a tailspin. Can they forgive her, but more importantly, can she forgive herself.
To have such a close a close lifelong friend in Drew, so close that others never really see the truth in their friendship. Life and love are tempestuous to begin with but to throw in such upheaval in such a young woman's life is heartbreaking.
My heart ached as Aubrey was forced to face her past and all the emotions that were still confusing for her. For Declan, the man she gave her heart to so many years ago, the brother of her truest and best friend. Their love was an exploration of space and time, a rite of passage for them both in many ways. For Drew, her brother in every way but in blood, who is there for her through all the pain and agony she must go through in her life. And for Chandler, who she once loved and still has emotions tied to but for totally different reasons.
I truly enjoyed this story with all its twists and turns, the emotional upheaval for all of the characters involved. The growth and changes they all lived through on their way to finding themselves and who they truly were meant to love.
This is my first trip into Author J.L. Leslie's world and I can say with certainty that I will be looking to see what is next! I cannot wait to read the continuation of these characters with Drew's story.  Well Done 🌺

Friday, June 16, 2017

 Her Soldier A Military Bad Boy Novella  by Annette Fields

An incredibly sweet romance with two great characters. I love how realistic this Authors story is. I have seen and or heard of similar romances happening and it is lovely to see it in writing. It gives hope to many out there who find themselves in similar circumstances.
This Author writes a wonderful story of two people not looking for love in the most amazing way. For them to find what their hearts were searching for all along and to have that Happily Ever After is wonderful. It doesn't always work out that way, but we can all dream!

I recommend this story to any and all who love their Military Bad Boys and the wonderful HEA's!     Well Done  🌺

This Authors books can be found here:

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tempting Tanner by Lori King

Lori King brings to life some of the most amazing characters in her worlds! Ashley and Tanner are perfect for each other, even when neither of them knows it at the time. I love how this author spins the lives of these strong characters and introduces the twists and turns that make this story so good. I recommend this story for anyone who believes in love at first sight and the ever loving HEA's.  Well Done🌺

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Vampire Destiny, An Erotic Vampire Series Books 1-4 Ariel Marie

An incredibly fast paced series that covers the fall and rise of a Vampire Nation. Author Ariel Marie brings to life a Nation of Strong Vampires that have survived 10 years of being hunted by humans. After the collapse of the Human/Vampire Treaty and the deaths of many of the Royal Family and their Council Members, the Vampires struggle to survive.
Well written, this fast paced series brings together the lives of various Vampires. Their King, Ryan and his Fated Mate Summer are brought together after Summers home town is attacked by Hunters. In her fear to survive, Summer's vampiric speed leads her far from where she started and into the realm of her King.
Each story is a continuation of their fight to right the horrors done to their people. 
As the story continues each of the Kings closets guards find what they never expected. In all the years they have stayed to protect their Kings Royal Home, they never expected anything more than the fight that would keep them alive, yet one by one they find the treasure they never even knew existed for them.  
Norris finds Emely, Remus finds Ilena and in the end Zeke finds love with Nicia as they fight to bring life back to the Vampire Nation.
Well written, intense action in a believable world created by this Author. I recommend this to any and all lovers of the Paranormal Vampire World.

Well Done!🌺

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Silver Dragon: A BBW Dragon-Shifter Romance (Alma Venus Mail-Order Brides Book 1) by Cara Wylde

Shifter Brides continue in this new Story surrounding the Six Factions. This time we are focusing on Andrea, a young human who grew up with nothing and a longing for everything, including her own personal freedom to do what she wants, when and how she wants. She doesn't really want to be a "Mail-Order Bride", but she sees it as one way of getting what she wants. And who better to help her with her new life than a Dragon Shifter, they are well known for their bountiful treasures, aren't they?
While "hunting" a prospective target, Andrea finds a Dragon who is interested in her, but wary to tell her much about himself. Until she finds herself falling for her target.
I truly enjoyed the nice pace of this story, you learn a lot about the characters along the way, along with the tumultuous emotions that each character goes through. The wanting, needing, fear of being alone. They both share much of the same fears, but for different reasons. But there are secrets within secrets and the possibility of ripping their relationship apart before it truly even begins. The twists and turns of this story is unlike any of the other stories I have read in these collections. I feel that this author has much to give us by way of her Stories and Series. I recommend this for lovers of Shifter Romance and that ever elusive HEA. Well Done!🌺