Saturday, June 17, 2017

Let The Waves Come In by J.L. Leslie

WOW I COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN!!! I finished it in one afternoon, it was so captivating! What an incredibly moving story of a young woman's journey of self discovery and forgiveness of not only herself but those in her life. I was totally drawn into this story from the beginning.
A young girl Aubrey, coming of age and sharing such a precious gift with the man she has always loved, only to have the moment destroyed so achingly. Then to have Love ripped away years later when her fiancé and his family blame her for an accident that leaves him dreadfully injured. And finally when these two loves re-enter Her life and send her in a tailspin. Can they forgive her, but more importantly, can she forgive herself.
To have such a close a close lifelong friend in Drew, so close that others never really see the truth in their friendship. Life and love are tempestuous to begin with but to throw in such upheaval in such a young woman's life is heartbreaking.
My heart ached as Aubrey was forced to face her past and all the emotions that were still confusing for her. For Declan, the man she gave her heart to so many years ago, the brother of her truest and best friend. Their love was an exploration of space and time, a rite of passage for them both in many ways. For Drew, her brother in every way but in blood, who is there for her through all the pain and agony she must go through in her life. And for Chandler, who she once loved and still has emotions tied to but for totally different reasons.
I truly enjoyed this story with all its twists and turns, the emotional upheaval for all of the characters involved. The growth and changes they all lived through on their way to finding themselves and who they truly were meant to love.
This is my first trip into Author J.L. Leslie's world and I can say with certainty that I will be looking to see what is next! I cannot wait to read the continuation of these characters with Drew's story.  Well Done 🌺

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