Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Vampire Destiny, An Erotic Vampire Series Books 1-4 Ariel Marie

An incredibly fast paced series that covers the fall and rise of a Vampire Nation. Author Ariel Marie brings to life a Nation of Strong Vampires that have survived 10 years of being hunted by humans. After the collapse of the Human/Vampire Treaty and the deaths of many of the Royal Family and their Council Members, the Vampires struggle to survive.
Well written, this fast paced series brings together the lives of various Vampires. Their King, Ryan and his Fated Mate Summer are brought together after Summers home town is attacked by Hunters. In her fear to survive, Summer's vampiric speed leads her far from where she started and into the realm of her King.
Each story is a continuation of their fight to right the horrors done to their people. 
As the story continues each of the Kings closets guards find what they never expected. In all the years they have stayed to protect their Kings Royal Home, they never expected anything more than the fight that would keep them alive, yet one by one they find the treasure they never even knew existed for them.  
Norris finds Emely, Remus finds Ilena and in the end Zeke finds love with Nicia as they fight to bring life back to the Vampire Nation.
Well written, intense action in a believable world created by this Author. I recommend this to any and all lovers of the Paranormal Vampire World.

Well Done!🌺

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