Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Selkie's Magic: The Selkie's Heart, Book 1 by Lana Lea Short

After a life changing event Aileana Sutherland makes the choice to take an extended visit with her Grandmother in Scotland. A Southern California surfer girl, Aileana has always been attracted to the shores below the cliff house where her Grandmother lives. Even in her youth, she would traverse the cliffs and shorelines of their beautiful Scottish home.
Kendrick Morgan, meets Aileana while as a youth visiting her Grandmother one year in Scotland. They spent an enchanting time together, neither has ever really forgotten the other.
Lana Lea Short has brought the old Scottish Folklore alive with her Selkie Clan. The passionate love of life and sea come together in this amazing story that tests the bounds of humanity and true love. A generational story that encompasses the ancient tales of Selkies and Finfolk. This beautiful story shares the love of ones culture and the intertwining of past and present. Join Aileana and Kendrick as they navigate their pasts to create a future that will keep them always loving one another. Well done!🌺

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Force by Becca Jameson

Lauren Schneider is forced into hiding from the Russian mob for six months when Anton Yenin, leader of the mob had her kidnapped. Now with Yenin behind bars Lauren is getting itchy feet, tired of having to stay in hiding and ready to live her life again.
Dmitry Volikov who is a member of Anton Yenin’s stable of fighters rescues Lauren and hides her away from Yenin's men, saving her life. Dmitry does everything thing he can to keep Lauren safe, including hiding his true feelings for her.
He and his partner, Mikhail, work hard at construction sites during the day, as well as keep managing to work out and fight for the underground MMA circuits on Friday nights to make enough money to support themselves, Lauren and Mikhail's sister.
Lauren is done hiding, she sneaks out to find a job that can support her on her own.
But Dmitry cannot, will not let her go, his passionate nature towards her increases until the two are ready to combust into flames.
What happens when they are finally spotted by Anton's men and he is released from prison? How will they survive multiple attacks? Will their mutual love bring them together, or tear them apart?
Pick up Force by Becca Jameson to see if this was a Match meant to be! Well done🌺

Machine: A Bad Boy Romance: Barnes Family Romance by Normandie Alleman

 Dynassy is the rebel of Barnes Celebrity family, no matter what she does, she always seems to need a mop up crew.  Daughter of the late great Ziggy Barnes, sibling to a few natural born Pop Stars and a Budding Star Athlete, as well as the Daughter of a mother who finds her Reality show more important than matters of the heart of her children, who can blame Dynassy for wanting to find a niche of her own.

Bridger a former Navy Seal turned Entrepreneur/Mechanic after a stint in Iraq when an IED did major damage to his body meet the the lovely Dynassy and they change each other's lives beyond all they could imagine.

This author has a way of telling a story in such a way, that you just can't put it down. She brings together two lost souls that find a way to complete each other regardless of the obstacles set before them. This story is a great read with many touching moments. Well done🌺

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fallen (A Club Blood Erotic Short #2) by Nicole Garcia

What would you do if you found the one you had been waiting a lifetime for, yet never knew it? And what would happen if finding that person made you weak, or showed a weakness to others? Would you tell anyone? Even the one person you found your passions end with?
Gia, sultress of the night, Has as secret. One she refuses to share with her coven or even the man she has fallen in love with. Why? Because Gia herself sees it as a weakness, how will her sisters look at her if they knew? Gia the Cold, the Defiant One, the Covens ultimate fighter.
Nicole Garcia has brought to life one of many of our Paranormal Fantasy's, Vampires who live for centuries throughout time, who live, love, fight and die for what they believe in and for their Covens.
Caressa and Gia have done just that, living and fighting for the lives of their Coven against the Hunters. Working through the centuries to keep them all safe.
But Rhett, a human, changes all that for Gia. This bold, vivacious woman who has depended on her strengths for hundreds of years has found her one weakness.
Gia will never forget her mother, every strength she has, she accredits to her mother who was always strong in spirit as well as in will. But how can she continue with this secret? Will she truly be willing to die for a love she refuses to acknowledge?
Pick up this amazingly written short story to see the passion and the fight of a pair that will change their lives and that of those around them for a love that cannot be denied!🌺

Monday, October 10, 2016

Bait the Hook by Kat Crimson

Author Kat Crimsom writes a sultry Hunter turned Hunted erotic short story in Bait the Hook. This story grabs you right from the start and keeps you enthralled. I love how the story turns from one direction to another. A lust filled story that is completely believable in today's day and age. Well done🌺

Sunday, October 9, 2016

His Brat by Isabella Starling

His Brat by Isabella Starling

His Brat is a step on the wildly dark side with a twist. Isabella Starling writes this well written novel about a StepDaddy and his "wife's" daughter, but is it? Ella gets everything she wants for her 18th birthday and a whole lot more. While Max gets manipulated, Lola Grace gets dominated. A truly interesting twist in their relationship opens doors to the sweetest revenge. I enjoyed the journey that Max and Lola Grace travel, the erotic depth of this novel was spot on. Great Read🌺

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Final Ride Fallen Angels MC 4 by Erin Trejo

Final Ride Fallen Angels MC 4 by Erin Trejo

When Your Heart is Ripped Out, Will You Ever Be Whole Again?

A heartrending finale for the Fallen Angels MC, Erin Trejo literally rips your heart out with this one. After reading the previous three books in this series, you truly get to know the characters in this story. Their histories, the pain and loss they have all had to deal with as they eventually become a family within the Fallen Angels MC. You learn what it could be like to have your family ripped from you or to to be traded off as unwanted trash to those who treat you as even less. Where people are used, beaten, abused and yes even killed. But these rough and tough Biker men and their women who have been through hell and back will steal your heart, as will the children they bring into the world. In The Final Ride, the MC is in for more than even they thought they could handle. As they try to restructure their club to become more legal than illegal, there are still those looking to take them out and to ruin all they have worked hard to achieve. Through it all the Heart of this club is crumbling away. Creed, Tank and Ryker have all found the ladies of their hearts, the other half of their souls. But they have also added new life to their families with the births of their children and the reunification between Tank and his older daughter Bella. Bella in my opinion has become the Heart of the Fallen Angels MC. Her infinite love and laughter has brought a change in almost everyone she interacts with. But Bella has a secret, a secret that will tear out the Heart of the entire club, and leave many lost and alone. Will the Fallen Angels survive this heart wrenching secret. Well I suggest you grab a box or two of tissues and get ready for a good cry. Because this amazing book will take you on a whirlwind ride and leave you wishing you could do something, anything to stop the pain! Well done!🌺

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Little Bear Maid by Sable Sylvan

Sable Sylvan has a way of reinventing Tales and fables we all grew up with. In the Little Bear Maid she shows us that silence isn't only Golden but romantic as well. Carmen Jackson works for her Aunts company as a Maid. In a company with two main rules: 1) The Customer is always right & 2) Never Socialize with Anyone especially the Customer.
When Carmen's Aunt effectively silences her after her first introduction to her Friday client Aiden Dixon, Aiden finds an unusual way of communicating. With the immediate connection felt by them both, they decide to skirt the rules as they spend time together and learn more and more about each other.
As one thing leads to another, this modern day fairytale keeps you on your toes!
Join Sable Sylvan as she and the Asher-Dixon Bears treat you to a light fun filled story where even in silence, love blooms!🌺

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ryker: Fallen Angel's MC by ErinTrejo

Hearts Grow More in Unexpected Territories

Author Erin Trejo does it again, taking Her MC to a whole new level! Creed and Tank along with their growing family embrace their Club as they endure more action and emotion than they can believe.  Newest member Ryker finds his soul unexpectedly in the most unexpected way. In rescuing Jersey,  Ryker discovers the one truth he refuses to see until his world is torn apart.
Kudos for an excellent continuation of a great series.
Well written, this story draws you in, sends your emotions through the wringer and leaves you hunting for the next in the story to find out how other storylines will end up! Well done🌺

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Drazen World: Dominate by Tara West

Dominate  by Tara West

Ariana Delarosa Alvarado, best friend of Savannh Boudreau, Teacher of High School Drama in Houston Texas. Spunky, Tenacious Latina looking for More of a Career Acting in Hollywood. Sexual Dominate with a hidden past.

Tara West opens our eyes the indescribable life of a young woman living with a dark secret. Ariana wants nothing more than to live out her dream on the Silver Screen.
A beautiful Latina with dark hair and full figure, she is out among the stylish, thin yet tanned, blond bombshells of Hollywood. She has just two months to make it in this dog eat cat world.

In her Dominate private life, she meets someone who accepts her for who she is, for what she has gone through. Can she trust him, will she? An amazing story that just reaches out and grabs you straight from the start. Looking forward to seeing more of her as she lives her life up to her own expectations!