Sunday, October 16, 2016

Force by Becca Jameson

Lauren Schneider is forced into hiding from the Russian mob for six months when Anton Yenin, leader of the mob had her kidnapped. Now with Yenin behind bars Lauren is getting itchy feet, tired of having to stay in hiding and ready to live her life again.
Dmitry Volikov who is a member of Anton Yenin’s stable of fighters rescues Lauren and hides her away from Yenin's men, saving her life. Dmitry does everything thing he can to keep Lauren safe, including hiding his true feelings for her.
He and his partner, Mikhail, work hard at construction sites during the day, as well as keep managing to work out and fight for the underground MMA circuits on Friday nights to make enough money to support themselves, Lauren and Mikhail's sister.
Lauren is done hiding, she sneaks out to find a job that can support her on her own.
But Dmitry cannot, will not let her go, his passionate nature towards her increases until the two are ready to combust into flames.
What happens when they are finally spotted by Anton's men and he is released from prison? How will they survive multiple attacks? Will their mutual love bring them together, or tear them apart?
Pick up Force by Becca Jameson to see if this was a Match meant to be! Well done🌺

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