Saturday, October 8, 2016

Final Ride Fallen Angels MC 4 by Erin Trejo

Final Ride Fallen Angels MC 4 by Erin Trejo

When Your Heart is Ripped Out, Will You Ever Be Whole Again?

A heartrending finale for the Fallen Angels MC, Erin Trejo literally rips your heart out with this one. After reading the previous three books in this series, you truly get to know the characters in this story. Their histories, the pain and loss they have all had to deal with as they eventually become a family within the Fallen Angels MC. You learn what it could be like to have your family ripped from you or to to be traded off as unwanted trash to those who treat you as even less. Where people are used, beaten, abused and yes even killed. But these rough and tough Biker men and their women who have been through hell and back will steal your heart, as will the children they bring into the world. In The Final Ride, the MC is in for more than even they thought they could handle. As they try to restructure their club to become more legal than illegal, there are still those looking to take them out and to ruin all they have worked hard to achieve. Through it all the Heart of this club is crumbling away. Creed, Tank and Ryker have all found the ladies of their hearts, the other half of their souls. But they have also added new life to their families with the births of their children and the reunification between Tank and his older daughter Bella. Bella in my opinion has become the Heart of the Fallen Angels MC. Her infinite love and laughter has brought a change in almost everyone she interacts with. But Bella has a secret, a secret that will tear out the Heart of the entire club, and leave many lost and alone. Will the Fallen Angels survive this heart wrenching secret. Well I suggest you grab a box or two of tissues and get ready for a good cry. Because this amazing book will take you on a whirlwind ride and leave you wishing you could do something, anything to stop the pain! Well done!🌺

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