Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fallen (A Club Blood Erotic Short #2) by Nicole Garcia

What would you do if you found the one you had been waiting a lifetime for, yet never knew it? And what would happen if finding that person made you weak, or showed a weakness to others? Would you tell anyone? Even the one person you found your passions end with?
Gia, sultress of the night, Has as secret. One she refuses to share with her coven or even the man she has fallen in love with. Why? Because Gia herself sees it as a weakness, how will her sisters look at her if they knew? Gia the Cold, the Defiant One, the Covens ultimate fighter.
Nicole Garcia has brought to life one of many of our Paranormal Fantasy's, Vampires who live for centuries throughout time, who live, love, fight and die for what they believe in and for their Covens.
Caressa and Gia have done just that, living and fighting for the lives of their Coven against the Hunters. Working through the centuries to keep them all safe.
But Rhett, a human, changes all that for Gia. This bold, vivacious woman who has depended on her strengths for hundreds of years has found her one weakness.
Gia will never forget her mother, every strength she has, she accredits to her mother who was always strong in spirit as well as in will. But how can she continue with this secret? Will she truly be willing to die for a love she refuses to acknowledge?
Pick up this amazingly written short story to see the passion and the fight of a pair that will change their lives and that of those around them for a love that cannot be denied!🌺


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