Thursday, December 29, 2016

Charged by Kerri Ann

A fantastically written hard hitting danger tasting storyline. Author Kerri Ann snagged my attention with this emotionally packed roller coaster of a ride. The author has a way of describing her characters that puts you in the drivers seat. I feel I know each and every character due to her incredible descriptions. This story is well written in that it pulls you along at such an intense level that I just couldn't put it down. The heat between the main two people is an adventure of it's own. You will find yourself either cheering them on or perched on the edge of your seat!
I truly enjoyed the process of the story and the integration of each individuals back story. I recommend this to anyone that has a fascination with hot cars, hotter bodies and the criminal elements. Well Done!🌺

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Bikers Brothers (Sons of Sanctuary MC Book2) by Victoria Danann

What happens when you take a New York Money maker who not only owns his own business, but is a handsome devil to boot and add in an extended family just as devilishly handsome with connections to a MC in Austin Texas.
Brandon St. Germaine is known is some circles as a Billionaire Playboy, but to his Father and Brother's MC he is still just a moneymaker. Brandon will do anything to earn the Clubs respect. So when a "job" comes up that no one wants, he doesn't think twice when his dad tells him about it.
A  rich father requests a Security Detail for his daughter from the Clubs Security Business, SSMC.
Brandon will do what ever it takes to get the job done as well as whatever it takes to earn some respect.
When Camden Carmichael father hires SSMC to protect her from her soon to be crazy ex-husband. She thinks she may be over her head, but no rough and tough Cowboy Biker was going to to her what to do, or was he.
Two hardheaded stubborn individuals thrown together in some of the strangest circumstances are running across the country to avoid being detected by anyone who would be able to connect his package to the Carmichael family. Things get heated up as they are on the run.
A well written, fun loving, action packed story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I recommend this to anyone who loves MC Stories.
Well done!🌺

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Sleeping Serpent by Luna Saint Claire

The Sleeping Serpent is by far one of the deepest tantalizing books I have read this year. The number of lives touched in this story, the deep ranging experience shared by not only the characters but the readers as well. The depth that this author takes you is beyond comprehension of today's society. And yes these things do happen in today's society, more often than you think.
The depth of degree and variance of characters described by this author is astounding. She creates characters you can and do relate with. She has a way of immersing you into her story in such a way that you start to look at those around you with a different light.
You may look at this story as dark and twisted, and in some ways it is. But once you get past that and into the stories created between all of the characters you will see not only the darkness but the light as well. 
The light at the end of a tunnel that can be found, and sometimes found only after it is too late. A very well written experience given to us by an astonishing author. Well done🌺

Angels and Diamonds by TK Lawyer

Angels and Diamonds in a cute collection of seven separate stand along shorts.
If you are looking for a few quick reads this is the one to choose.
I enjoyed the heart warming tales and the twists in the stories that happened along the way. I was a bit disappointed as there were a few I would have loved reading more about, and surprised at where they were cut off to end. But all in all it was a nice if quirky read. Well written and enjoyable. Looking forward to reading some of this authors longer reads. 🌺

Monday, December 19, 2016

Tangled in Tinsel (The Celebration Series Book 1) by Stacy Eaton

What a lovely story told by Author Stacy Eaton!
I enjoyed how the Author was able to to create such an emotion packed novel with such dynamic characters. With all the hilarious misconceptions and misinformation between the two main characters it was an enjoyable read. This story has all the markings of a great story, mystery, humor, love, rejection, turmoil and surprise. I feel that anyone that loves HEA's will enjoy this read. Well written in such a way that the story flows gently along, taking you on a lovely journey that has just the right amount of bumps to keep the reader intrigued. Well done🌺

St. Helena Vineyard Series: Playing With Fire by Reina Torres

What a wonderful Story, I have enjoyed my introduction to Reina Torres's writing.
I enjoyed this HEA, as it was well written and had just the right amount of twists and turns to make it interesting. I loved how Author Reina Torres brings her characters to life and adds just the right amount of humanity to make it worthwhile. This story has it all , love lost - love found, a few times. It has laughter, tears, insecurities and strengths. I really liked how she made it mesh well together. I have only read a few of the "St. Helena Vineyard is Series" Stories, but I do see how the characters and storylines interact in a wonderful balance. Well Done🌺

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Savage Truth (The Grinders Book#1) by Kathleen Kelly

OMG!! Truthful Hunter is the Ultimate Rock God to Kat Saunders Rock Goddess.
I have truly been waiting to read Truth's story since I first read about him in Kat's story, Savage Stalker (Savage Angels MC #1)! This much anticipated description of the beginning of the The Grinders is a complimentary addition to Author Kathleen Kelly's Savage Angels MC Series!
The storyline grabs you from the get go and doesn't let go, not even in the end. This author has you so wrapped around her characters that you just can't wait to see what happens next. I am so on the edge of my seat already waiting with anticipation the continuation of the Grinders stories!
I love how Kathleen Kelly adds so much depth to her characters, she makes them come alive to the point you feel their emotions right along with them. She opens your eyes to all the intricacies e lives of the Band Members as well as the MC. 
 A heart wrenching emotional rollercoaster ride you hope never ends!! Well Done!!🌺


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Alpha Undercover (Big Bad Wolf Security) by Holly Eastman

What an incredibly written story! Holly Eastman delves into the seamier side of the law with her hero's and heroines skirting both sides of legality! What happens when the only father you ever knew is the very reason you lose the only brother you ever loved? I enjoyed how the author kept me enthralled with the storyline from beginning to end! It has just the right amount of love lust and intrigue to keep you want more! Well done a definite addition to any good library!  Well Done🌺