Monday, December 26, 2016

The Sleeping Serpent by Luna Saint Claire

The Sleeping Serpent is by far one of the deepest tantalizing books I have read this year. The number of lives touched in this story, the deep ranging experience shared by not only the characters but the readers as well. The depth that this author takes you is beyond comprehension of today's society. And yes these things do happen in today's society, more often than you think.
The depth of degree and variance of characters described by this author is astounding. She creates characters you can and do relate with. She has a way of immersing you into her story in such a way that you start to look at those around you with a different light.
You may look at this story as dark and twisted, and in some ways it is. But once you get past that and into the stories created between all of the characters you will see not only the darkness but the light as well. 
The light at the end of a tunnel that can be found, and sometimes found only after it is too late. A very well written experience given to us by an astonishing author. Well done🌺

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