Sunday, July 31, 2016

Vampire Cop (The Vampire Legacy Book One) by: Sheri Kurtz

 By: Sheri Kurtz

Who can believe it, Real Live Vampires! Who would have thought?
Everything we thought about Vampires was all wrong! They could be living amount us even now and we would not even know.
That is the world we get plunged into by author Sheri Kurtz! Sheri opens our eyes to a whole new family of Vamps.
Set in a small town Chief Deputy Sherriff Shaun Anderson is one in a long line in service in his family. He loves what he does and enjoys his job. But one night it all is put in jeopardy. How does one choose between life and death? They don't! They fight every minute for life no matter the cost.
In the matter of minutes Shaun goes from living a fulfilled life to one with a dark secret. A secret that has come back to haunt him. Women are dying from what seems to be a "Vampire" spree, and only Shaun knows it isn't a real Vamp doing the killing.
Then Shaun starts to get notes to out himself or the killings will continue and he will be to blame when they out him as the Vampire killer.
What can he do? Only his best friends know the truth, what will it do to his family and to a girl he is just getting the courage to get to know.
Grab this book quick and find out as you get drawn into Shaun's predicament!
Follow the life of this amazing Cop turned Vamp!

Wolf's Holiday (Black Hills Wolves #31): Winter Solstice Run Book 1 By: Rebecca Royce

A lovely Winter Solstice for the Black Hills Wolves and their families and friends. A first for much of the Los Lobos Pack of Wolves. But convinced by their human mates, a Holiday Celebration will be the first approved by Alpha Drew.
Living under the shadow of his father, Drew feels he must right the wrongs done to many members of the Pack during the reign of his father Magnum. After living on the run with humans for over ten years, Drew is finally back with his home Pack and his true love and Mate "B" (Betty).
Coming together after so many years and trying to right wrongs that were never his fault put a strain on an already shaky relationship.
But the strength in this Alpha and his Mate are a joy to to experience. Doing right or wrong, they will work out their issues given time. Hopefully this new beginning for the Los Lobos Pack and their surrounding "Shifter Mountain" neighbors will be exactly what they all need to come together.
Well written and flows smoothly, I was given an ARC of this Book in exchange for an honest review. And I do recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Paranormal stories.

The Drazen World: Dominate (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Tara West

 By: Tara West

Ariana Delarosa Alvarado, best friend of Savannh Boudreau, Teacher of High School Drama in Houston Texas. Spunky, Tenacious Latina looking for More of a Career Acting in Hollywood. Sexual Dominate with a hidden past.

Tara West opens our eyes the indescribable life of a young woman living with a dark secret. Ariana wants nothing more than to live out her dream on the Silver Screen.
A beautiful Latina with dark hair and full figure, she is out among the stylish, thin yet tanned, blond bombshells of Hollywood. She has just two months to make it in this dog eat cat world.

In her Dominate private life, she meets someone who accepts her for who she is, for what she has gone through. Can she trust him, will she? An amazing story that just reaches out and grabs you straight from the start. Looking forward to seeing more of her as she lives her life up to her own expectations!

Say You Want Me: Cesar Cruz Book One (Something More) By: Tara West

Say You Want Me: Cesar Cruz Book One (Something More)
  By: Tara West

Tara West does it again! Introducing Savannah Boudreau and Cesar Cruz;
She is an emotionally scared young woman who lusts after he Hot and Sexy neighbor Cesar.  And He is a Hot Delectable Stud Muffin who has been trying to get together with his Beautiful yet Introverted Neighbor for a few months with no success.
Enter two Fluffy Matchmakers, Macy and Nacho. Macy, Savannah's little fluffy white 10# Terrier has found Puppy Love with Cesar's  larger yellow Lab. With Macy's Houdini act of disappearing over to Cesar and Nacho's yard regularly, they are able to throw their human counterparts together.
Romance seems inevitable, but along with any relationship comes extra baggage of family.
Dive into this romantic but frustrating whirlwind relationship, that has a bundle of ups and downs along the road of romance. You will find a world of laughter and tears and maybe even yourself hidden away in this truly wonderful world created by Tara West. Bravo!

Sophie's Secret by: Tara West

 By: Tara West

Tara West brings to life these young girls and reminds us what it used to be like growing up, with a few twists. Well done!
Sophie Sinora and her two best friends Aj & Krysta all have special secrets they are afraid to share with others for fear of being ridiculed. Sophie is able to hear the thoughts of others, not all the time, just intermittently. But Sophie is of an age where she has a second secret as well.
Having to grow up on the larger side of life has left Sophie a bit introverted and insecure about herself in the eyes of others. With two older, popular and prettier sisters, both of whom managed to be Homecoming Queen. It is difficult for Sophie to see herself as anything but the "Fat Dork". A nickname she grew up with.
Always there for the underdogs, she Crushes on the wrong guy, arguing with her friends that he is better than they think. While feeling insecure as the most popular boy in school seems to be flirting with her!
Feeling a bit displaced when older sister Rose Marie comes home pregnant along with her deadbeat boyfriend Chad. They take over her room, thereby moving her to another room.
So between the normal Jr. High worries, an increase in home issues and her Telepathy increasing, she is in a bit of an emotional roller coaster.
Can't wait to see what else is in store for Sophie and here Besties!

You've Got Bear: BBW Bear Shifter Paranormal.. By: Truli Thorne

You've Got Bear: BBW Bear Shifter Paranormal..
     By: Truli Thorne

Truli Thorne has truly brought out the Bear in this BBW Romance. Amy a luscious BBW, has been served with the final notice that the Mall where her specialty shop is no longer extending leases. The new owners are turning it into a Virtual Mall! How is a woman supposed to make a living with her delectable chocolates when she isn't interested in selling online. Then Amy meets one of the new owners and everything seems to catch fire. Zach is a man who loves all things sweet and Amy seems to be the top of his list. As a Bear Shifter, Zach knows immediately that Amy is his one and only mate.  It's up to Zach to convince Amy that the matter her size, she's exactly what he needs.  Excellent writing by Truli Thorne!

I was given this book in return for an honest opinion.

You've Got Bear: BBW Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance (Shifters in Seattle Book 1)