Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sophie's Secret by: Tara West

 By: Tara West

Tara West brings to life these young girls and reminds us what it used to be like growing up, with a few twists. Well done!
Sophie Sinora and her two best friends Aj & Krysta all have special secrets they are afraid to share with others for fear of being ridiculed. Sophie is able to hear the thoughts of others, not all the time, just intermittently. But Sophie is of an age where she has a second secret as well.
Having to grow up on the larger side of life has left Sophie a bit introverted and insecure about herself in the eyes of others. With two older, popular and prettier sisters, both of whom managed to be Homecoming Queen. It is difficult for Sophie to see herself as anything but the "Fat Dork". A nickname she grew up with.
Always there for the underdogs, she Crushes on the wrong guy, arguing with her friends that he is better than they think. While feeling insecure as the most popular boy in school seems to be flirting with her!
Feeling a bit displaced when older sister Rose Marie comes home pregnant along with her deadbeat boyfriend Chad. They take over her room, thereby moving her to another room.
So between the normal Jr. High worries, an increase in home issues and her Telepathy increasing, she is in a bit of an emotional roller coaster.
Can't wait to see what else is in store for Sophie and here Besties!

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