Sunday, July 31, 2016

Vampire Cop (The Vampire Legacy Book One) by: Sheri Kurtz

 By: Sheri Kurtz

Who can believe it, Real Live Vampires! Who would have thought?
Everything we thought about Vampires was all wrong! They could be living amount us even now and we would not even know.
That is the world we get plunged into by author Sheri Kurtz! Sheri opens our eyes to a whole new family of Vamps.
Set in a small town Chief Deputy Sherriff Shaun Anderson is one in a long line in service in his family. He loves what he does and enjoys his job. But one night it all is put in jeopardy. How does one choose between life and death? They don't! They fight every minute for life no matter the cost.
In the matter of minutes Shaun goes from living a fulfilled life to one with a dark secret. A secret that has come back to haunt him. Women are dying from what seems to be a "Vampire" spree, and only Shaun knows it isn't a real Vamp doing the killing.
Then Shaun starts to get notes to out himself or the killings will continue and he will be to blame when they out him as the Vampire killer.
What can he do? Only his best friends know the truth, what will it do to his family and to a girl he is just getting the courage to get to know.
Grab this book quick and find out as you get drawn into Shaun's predicament!
Follow the life of this amazing Cop turned Vamp!

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