Friday, October 6, 2017

Dancing Bearfoot by Zoe Chant

What happens when a Bear Shifter who believes he has found his Soul Mate meets up with a PreSchool Teacher who doesn’t even believe in Fairy Tales and Love at first sight anymore? Well Lee Montgomery is struck dumb when he gets a look at his daughter Clara’s Teacher, Miss Patricia. They both feel a charge when they first touch, Lee is shocked to finally find his Soul Mate and Patricia is stunned at her immediate reaction to this new man. Worried he will scare her away, Lee tries to control his Bear, who wants nothing more than to claim his Mate. Patricia finds she can’t see enough of him, whether at the Preschool or at the Diner she works at in the evenings. Chance finds a way of pushing these to together, while they pussyfoot around one another and sparks fly! Love this short read, the characters are wonderful and compliment each other. Would love to read mor about these two and the town they are in. Seems Shifters are in and about this town, but not many are aware of them, or are the. Grab a copy and immerse yourself in this fun read. Well Done 🌺

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

His Naughty Waitress (Insta-Love on the Run Book 4) by Bella Love-Wins

Not my normal type of read, that being said, it is a cute short read. What starts out as a no holds barred weekend for a group of guys from New York. A frivolous weekend of debauchery becomes a meeting between two people that that have not seen each other in many years. Neither could understand why there was such a spark at first meeting until Missy’s sister reminded her of a time when she was young that she doesn’t remember. But once Missy and Carter put two and two together, things heat up fast. If you are looking for a quick read, give this one a try. 🌺

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tiger Haven by Ariel Marie

Dr. Charlee Black is living her Dream, Teaching and Researching her Love of the Amur Tigers and Critically Endangered Animals. Getting ready for a Field Assignment at the Four Corners in the Far East of Russia, Charlee is as excited as a kid in a candy store. Her Assistant is her long time friend and Associate Marlena Benton, they have known each other since Undergrads and have done many Field Assignments together. Together with other Scientists they have worked with before as well as their own team, they travel to Russia to a Natural Tiger Habitat called the Santuary. Joining them on this trip will be S.P.A.T, “The Society for the Protection of Amur Tigers,” a wildlife conservation group. Led by Weston Rogavac, this group has a vested interest in the Sanctuary. Sparks fly when  Dr. Black meets Mr. Rogavac, they are intrigued by each other in more than one way. It soon becomes clear that there are other issues at hand, saving the Tigers and saving themselves when it becomes clear that people want one person in their party dead. I love the way the characters interact with each other, the passions that ignite the between the main characters as well as the supporting characters. The storyline is great, I really like how it combines all the elements involved. The action was paced just right that I was thoroughly intrigued all the way through the book. I enjoyed how the Paranormal Shifters interacted with both humans and the big cats. Absolutely enjoyed this! Recommend to all lovers of Paranormal Romance! Well Done!🌺

Monday, October 2, 2017

Lincoln's Choice (A Ravens MC Novel Book 2) by J.L. Leslie

This is my first foray into the World of J.L. Leslie's Ravens MC, I found it to be an incredible read and will have to go get the first one to catch up on this interesting family. Her writing has a way of pulling you into the story and having you feel as if you are watching the story unfold right before your eyes. The familial connections between many of the characters makes it even more intriguing the deeper you get.
I recommend this to any and all who love the action of the MC lifestyles.
Well Done!🌺

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Always Wyeth (Three Rivers Express Book 3) by Reina Torres

Wyeth E. Bowles, a Three Rivers Pony Express Rider scoffed at finding matrimony in the Wild West. Even though some of his fellow riders were doing just that. He was in no way, shape or form ready to be tied down. He and fellow rider Luke lived for the Express and the excitement that came with it. Though Dangerous was other people's description of their excitement. The town of Three Rivers is growing all around them, buildings popping up along Main Street and bringing in new faces regularly. But the only hunger Wyeth had at the moment was for work and food, as much as he could get.  
Ottille Weston is one of those new faces, along with her companion Mademoiselle Dubois' riding into town on the Stage. Ottille being the daughter of the owner of  new Bank being built in town. And Mr. Weston has plans for his daughter that even she is unaware of.
But everything is thrown off balance once Wyeth and Ottille meet face to face. Thoughts and ideas of what was and what could be are no thrown into the mix.
How will a gently raised young women ever find out if her feelings are real and if the young man feels the same with an ever attentive companion always nearby. 
How will a young rider ever prove he is worthy of such a Young lady? Will they be able to fall in love or will others plans keep them separated and Love lost?

Grab your copy of Author Reina Torres's Volume to the Three Rivers Express Series and follow the game of hide and seek these two young ones play on their journey in new Love and life. Great characters and storyline! Great depth and feel for the story and the attention to the detail of the time. I recommend this to all lovers of Western Romance! Well Done!🌺

Monday, September 25, 2017

Cupid's Valentine (Otherworlder Series Book 2) by Rebekah R. Ganiere

Rebekah Ganiere has continued her Otherworlder Series with another incredibly cute romance!
Poor Raine is in it again, between her ex-fiancé, her young Dragon and her incredibly sexy Were-Boyfriend life is never dull. Throw in a pesky Sprite, rude unbelievable Parents, unchecked Gods and Goddesess, as well as a slew of Otherworlers and you have a life made in  . . . Well certainly not Hades!
Raine has to deal with the very same parents that abandoned and rejected her, they send a message telling her of their requirement of her helping another Fae. Regardless of their demands she refuses, and who could blame her.
She then runs into another old "friend" from the past, who reveals a bit of history Raine had no knowledge of, therefore hurting her again. But Raine gets her revenge on this old "friend" even though she has it fixed almost as soon as it is done.
Life is never easy for this wonderful character, her love life is as odds as ever, her past seems determined to kick her when she feels she is down and it seems as if the Cosmos is so not aligned in her favor.
Jordan is distant but loving, though you never know how he truly feels. Slade still loves her even though he knows it is over between them, and he is always willing to help until he gets notice from "above" that he can no longer help her.
Will peace ever come to Raine and Jordan's life, or will they be constantly fighting their families beliefs?
Grab your copy and join Rain and her crazy clan along for the journey. Fantastic reading, a great page turner!!
Recommend to all fantasy and paranormal romance lovers.
Well Done🌺

Her Devoted HERO (Black Dawn Book 2) by Caitlyn O'Leary

Incredibly strong characters ring true, not just the main ones but the supporting characters as well. Both Seal teams love to pull practical jokes on each other, but when the Midnight Delta team seeks to play the ultimate prank on Black Dawns Computer Tech Dex Evans things start to heat up more than he expects. When SNMP answers SailorBoy69's email, she doesn't expect the depth of emotions he seems to draw from her.
With straightforward honesty Kenna Wright describes herself and all the reasons SailorBoy69 should not respond or have any interest in her at all. Piqued by SNMP's responses Dex can't help himself. When a close friend of Kenna's is horribly murdered, no one ever thought it could in any way be connected to the Dating site they are both connected to. As their lives begin to entangle, work and personal lives become complicated. When threats start coming in to Kenna and her family, Dex is willing to do anything to keep them all safe. The turmoil that ensues will keep you totally enthralled. Great story with a large amount of reality that pulls on this reader to keep reading, I was so into this story I just couldn't put it down until it was done. And I still wanted more! Author Caitlyn O'Leary has another winning book with her Seal Teams, great action and compelling storytelling. Recommend to all Seal Team Lovers and Romantic's who love HEAs! Well Done, can't wait to read more of these Seal Teams!!🌺