Thursday, February 15, 2018

Brothers of Fang: The Heart of the Pack by Iris Sweetwater

The line between treachery and love are thin and betrayal is rampant. In this third book of Iris Sweetwater’s Brother’s of Fang Series, you find not only Werewolf Shifter’s, but also Witches and Hybrids. With a volatile history between them all the characters have difficulties in keeping up with what is right in front of them. Love, Lust and Heartreak is the common thread holding them together. But will they find what their hearts desire or will violence expose everything. This journey full of suspense, love, betrayal and heartache will leave you emotionally drained. Great read, Wonderful Series!

Bang Gang by Jade West

Jodie and Darren had a love that surpassed all they ever knew, but with having Baby Mia right out of school and Sweet Ruby not too far After was a bit of a strain, even for the most in Love couple. Darren busted his bollocks day in and out to make his Garage a success and to provide for his growing family. But long hours both working and raising a family took its toll after a time. After they split up nothing was ever the same for either of them. People came and went through their lives but there was always that bit of heart no one else could touch.
An incredibly touching story with many ups and downs and surprises along the way. The characters were lovely in that they were wonderful to read about. I really felt the depth of love the main characters had for one another and for their daughters. You could also see the closeness of true friendship in those that were really good friends. Grab a copy and follow along with this interesting crowd as they stumble alongside loves treacherous paths. I am really hoping this story continues as I would love to see what happens between Tonya & Buck!

Billion Dollar Baby by Imani King

Getting your heart broken by your first love is hard enough, but knowing that there will never really ever be another is just devastating. Adele does what she has to to keep her head up and her pride in tack. Braden can’t seem to understand that ignorance and avoidance a relationship does not make. And by letting his family get in the way, he loses what he loves the most.
After ten years apart living their own lives, they are finally back in the same town at the same time, and single. Will an old Pact they made about babies bring them together again, or will the same old prejudices keep them apart. You need to fight for what you love in life and who you want more than anything, including money. Will Braden be able to break away from his Familial duties as he has in the past or will he lose Adele forever this time? Great story, terrific characters that hit deep. Recommend to romance lovers looking for a second chance!

Searching For His Mate by Ariel Marie

What a wildly sweet Shifter Romance. Author Ariel Marie has a lively way of bringing her characters together. She takes a mundane errand at the bank and creates a wild and crazy ride for her characters. I love the way a longtime friendship turns into their Bears finally choosing their Mates.
Well written and absolutely enjoyable!

Snake's Revenge (Gritty Devils MC) by Kathleen Kelly

Not exactly what I was expecting, but Damn! Kathleen Kelly sure has a way with writing! This is truly a Revenge is better served cold. The characters are an interesting collection of Biker buddies that have more of a past than o e would expect from the get go. I enjoyed the story and the way that it unfolds. Well written in that it keeps you drawn into the story. Snake is one smooth character. Well Done. 🌺

Buck Me... For Halloween (Frost Brothers' Brides Book 6) by Anya Nowlan

What a sweet romance! Author Anya Nowlan brings the Holidays to a rip roaring start with this short novel! Terrific characters that just have a way of making you smile. Enjoy Read, Short a d Sweet. What a great introduction to a new to me series. 🌺

Salt Kissed Love (a Tomb of Ashen Tears Book 1) Kailee Reese Samuels

Oh my Goddess! Where do I start? An Incredibly Breathtaking Journey of Sal’s life. Like a Butterfly to the Flame, Raniero is absolutely drawn to Iris Kettles. His devil may care attitude about his “feelings” for Iris border on destruction. Seeing Sal from Author Kailee Reese Samuels eyes and heart, pulls through your soul the pain and anguish this character suffers at his own hands and especially at the hands of those he trusts the most. His life, is it really his, or has he become a chess piece in an even bigger game. I appreciate all this Author has done to allow us to “feel” what these characters are going through with her words. An Amazing story, a Celebration of Life and Death and everything in between. I would not recommend this story for the faint of heart or those that see through Rose Tinted Lenses. But if you see life as it truly is, in all its dark and twisted corners, then this book is for you. Be prepared to have your heart ripped out and your emotions to swell and crash as hard as a Tsunami wave. This story will dragged you under and keep you prisoner until the very end. And have you begging, no crying for more. Thank you Kailee Reese Samuels for this incredible opportunity to see inside your mind! Well Done πŸŒΊπŸ’‹♥️