Sunday, July 31, 2016

Say You Want Me: Cesar Cruz Book One (Something More) By: Tara West

Say You Want Me: Cesar Cruz Book One (Something More)
  By: Tara West

Tara West does it again! Introducing Savannah Boudreau and Cesar Cruz;
She is an emotionally scared young woman who lusts after he Hot and Sexy neighbor Cesar.  And He is a Hot Delectable Stud Muffin who has been trying to get together with his Beautiful yet Introverted Neighbor for a few months with no success.
Enter two Fluffy Matchmakers, Macy and Nacho. Macy, Savannah's little fluffy white 10# Terrier has found Puppy Love with Cesar's  larger yellow Lab. With Macy's Houdini act of disappearing over to Cesar and Nacho's yard regularly, they are able to throw their human counterparts together.
Romance seems inevitable, but along with any relationship comes extra baggage of family.
Dive into this romantic but frustrating whirlwind relationship, that has a bundle of ups and downs along the road of romance. You will find a world of laughter and tears and maybe even yourself hidden away in this truly wonderful world created by Tara West. Bravo!

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