Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Drazen World: Dominate by Tara West

Dominate  by Tara West

Ariana Delarosa Alvarado, best friend of Savannh Boudreau, Teacher of High School Drama in Houston Texas. Spunky, Tenacious Latina looking for More of a Career Acting in Hollywood. Sexual Dominate with a hidden past.

Tara West opens our eyes the indescribable life of a young woman living with a dark secret. Ariana wants nothing more than to live out her dream on the Silver Screen.
A beautiful Latina with dark hair and full figure, she is out among the stylish, thin yet tanned, blond bombshells of Hollywood. She has just two months to make it in this dog eat cat world.

In her Dominate private life, she meets someone who accepts her for who she is, for what she has gone through. Can she trust him, will she? An amazing story that just reaches out and grabs you straight from the start. Looking forward to seeing more of her as she lives her life up to her own expectations!

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