Monday, September 26, 2016

Wild Things by Catherine Vale

Here is the age old story of marrying off a daughter to unite two kingdoms, but what happens when the daughter, a Princess is against this marriage. Where there is a Prime Minister up to deadly games, with the future Groom of the Kingdom. And the Bride to be is in love with someone else, Chaos reigns everywhere!
Senna the curvaceous princess falls in love with her Wolf Shifter Guard Gabriel, who is head over heels in love with his charge.
Together they need to find a way to survive alien and shifter attacks as well as being hunted down by the Ottway, her evil betrothed. Speeding off into the unknown, they uncover the duplicitousness of not only her arranged would be husband, but that of the Prime Minister to her father the King.
This fast pasted story runs the gambit of love and excitement, fear and the unknown. With aliens and shifters all around, you are caught up in the intricacies of what is happening behind the main storyline. A wonderful read, can't wait to see if this continues in another volume. Well done! 🌺

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