Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Sassy and a Little BA-Assy by Jessie Lane

TheSassy and a Little Bad-Assy.   by Jessie Lane

Nikki Wolf would do anything for her family, which explained why she dropped her Double Major in College to come home and become the Caretaker of her family. With Mom and Dad working full time, someone was needed to take care of her overactive siblings, especially when encouraged by her feisty grandfather who took turns living in the past. The ancient past of their Viking heritage to be precise. 

Cruz Morales, a wolf shifter, would rather be of alone in the forest, never needing the company of anyone than be forced to work in a busy bar. But his Alpha took away that choice, instead forcing Cruz to once again integrate with humanity and wolfs alike. 

Jessie Lane has brought you a story filled with such a quirky group of people, that this fast paced story will grab you from the start and not let you go until you are at the end wanting more!

But when they get together he just can't help falling for this Sassy Attitude filled feisty woman. And who can resist a handsome fiercely protective mate?

Join this  fiercely strong couple as they discover what neither of them ever expected to have in this lifetime. A lifetime of discovery for one and a second chance in life for the other. Together they find a love that includes a wacky family you will love right along with them. 

Grab your Copy of "Sassy and a Little Bad-Assy to see how love is found all due to a Viking walking into a bar in search of a Shield Maiden! 🌺 


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