Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lyric' Accidental Mate (Iron Wolves MC1) by Elle Boon

Lyric's Accidental Mate  (Iron Wolves MC1) By Elle Boon

Since when does a night out with the girls end up being Mated???
Party Girl Lyric is out with her Besties when she gets attacked by a Rogue group with Ideas of fun and games are not kosher with any pack. In walks our hero drool worthy hero Rowan. All he sees is a damsel in distress until the Fur starts to fly and he becomes bitten. In an attempt to save Rowan, Lyric tries to help and everything goes haywire!
Not only was her best friends brother Alpha of their pack, but Lyric's brother Zan was Second in Command! Welcome to the Family Rowan, if you survive.
Between a Hot and Sassy Heroine and a Gorgeous Ex Military Hero, the fur flies in this funny yet, Scorchingly Hot fight for survival!

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