Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tank: Fallen Angel's MC by Erin Trejo

Never Take a Man's World - He Will Hunt You Down!

The Fallen Angel's MC is back and this time Tank is the one that is going to be spinning circles. After the Club takeover in Creed's book. Creed and Tank have cleaned up the mess left behind by their predecessors. Creed and Jada have bonded tightly and it is as if they were never apart to begin with.

Tank on the other hand has got himself a handful in Cher, Jada's best friend and the one woman that can twist Tank inside out. But Cher isn't the only female in Tanks life now, and he is confused as to how these two females have taken the MC's VP and turned him around, as the Brothers laugh at him and his situations.

Author Erin Trejo has brought us a continuation to these Fallen Angel's stories, the love, laughter, fear and pain they live and share. The intricacies in life that tear at the emotions and make them stronger.

Written in a different style, I found this second book just as compelling as the first. I enjoyed the roller Foster ride she gives us as she molds Tank into the man he is.

Join Tank and his MC as he looses, gains and triumphs over life's cruel challenges! 🌺   

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