Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Braille Club by JA Kerr

A World Like No Other

The Braille Club is an excellently written story with a wonderful collaboration of intricate storylines intertwined to create an amazing adventure.
I found the Braille Club an exciting journey through unknown territory that was tremendously gratifying.
Sienna, the beautiful mind that created a world that was extended and furthered by Benedict. Two creative entities that found one another in what seemed a different dimension.  Many years after the Original Braille Party that opened Benedict's eyes to emotion like he had ever known, he finds the woman he could never subconsciously get out of his mind. Seen as stand-offish, he searches for that feeling of true emotion he experienced that night, but does not find it in any of the women he entertains and leaves in search of that one perfect kiss.
Members of the Braille Club come from all walks of life, they all have different needs and desires that can be fulfilled properly if you follow their three simple rules.
Join JA Kerr as you journey through this world of darkness and silence, where desires are brought to the forefront and where love can become deadly.
You will never want this story to end!🌺

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