Monday, September 5, 2016

Creed: Lost Angel's MC by Erin Trejo

Creed: Fallen Angel's MC by Erin Trejo

Creed, Jada & Jason are inseparable for years growing up. Until Jason is ripped from their world and Jada & Creed are thrown into a whirlwind of pain and loss.
Craving wanting desiring each other they finally give in to the need to feel....anything, everything. But it is over before it begins and Creed leaves, wanting nothing but better for Jada.
Years later Jada is running with the wrong group of people. Life as she knew it was a distant memory as she tries to survive day to day beatings and sexual lusts she would rather avoid.
All these years Creed has been running, from himself, from Jada, from the pain of Jason. Not caring and looking death in the face day after day, because his life, he left when he left Jada.
Fast forwarding, they are thrown together again and the passions they had for one another flares up leaving them with questions and hidden dangers.

Author Erin Trejo spins a tale of love, lust, hunger, loss, betrayal and triumph. She makes you feel for these to star crossed lovers as they stumble through hell to find one another again, and they will fight to keep that bond. The Author sends you on an adventure that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 🌺 

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