Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dark Side of the Moon by Catherine Vale

Dark Side of the Moon (A BBW Paranormal Sci-Fi Romance) by Catherine Vale

Veronica Maxwell, never felt at home in her own skin, much less growing up. She could not be perfect in her mothers eyes no matter how hard she tried. With her mothers distaste in her size her father introduced her to the one escape she had, martial arts.
She used her hurt, her pain and her anger to excel in all areas of self defense. 
Catherine Vale runs you through the emotional life of a woman who has always put herself in the shadows. A woman who like many is made to feel less than she should, undesirable, unwanted. Just another notch in some mans belt.

But that al changes in the blink of an eye.
The last thing she remembers is waiting at Elite Models to to pick up a signed document for the delivery service she works at. A place that reinforces her thoughts of nothingness, because that is how the treat her, as if she did not exists.
The next thing she knows she is in a container, heading who knows where, for who knows what reason.

Taso, a man like no other she has ever known. He claims to have searched for her to be his mate. To live with him, love with him, raise his sons with him. In a heartbeat she meets a man who is willing to die for her, to protect her from all enemies. 
But that isn't all. Will she finally find acceptance of herself in the love of another?

Join Catherine Vale as she takes you on a journey across the galaxy to another world, another breed, another lifetime away from all you have ever known to to be real!
Grab your copy of "Dark Side of the Moon" for an unexpected Romance that crosses so many boundaries and sparks so much emotion pack in this amazing novel! 🌺 

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