Sunday, October 16, 2016

Machine: A Bad Boy Romance: Barnes Family Romance by Normandie Alleman

 Dynassy is the rebel of Barnes Celebrity family, no matter what she does, she always seems to need a mop up crew.  Daughter of the late great Ziggy Barnes, sibling to a few natural born Pop Stars and a Budding Star Athlete, as well as the Daughter of a mother who finds her Reality show more important than matters of the heart of her children, who can blame Dynassy for wanting to find a niche of her own.

Bridger a former Navy Seal turned Entrepreneur/Mechanic after a stint in Iraq when an IED did major damage to his body meet the the lovely Dynassy and they change each other's lives beyond all they could imagine.

This author has a way of telling a story in such a way, that you just can't put it down. She brings together two lost souls that find a way to complete each other regardless of the obstacles set before them. This story is a great read with many touching moments. Well done🌺

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