Monday, August 15, 2016

Josiah's Love & Justice Volume 1: Four Slave by Lucas X. Black

Josiah's Love & Justice Volume 1: Four Slave 
by Lucas X. Black

Lucas X Black a Gentleman & Writer Extraordinaire, he takes us into a different lifestyle some of us may not even know about. He writes with care and compassion for his characters and his readers. He writing brings his stories to life as he takes you on a journey with his heart wrenching situations. His erotica has love, pain, laughter and most importantly for me believability. Well done Mr Black for an eye opening look into this other world. 🌺 
Josiah is a prominent lawyer married to a physician that is part of a partnership of Physicians. Josiah is also a Beadle, a person that others go to when their "slave" needs to be punished, broken and or humbled when their "Master" is for some reason or other unable to. 
Josiah is contacted for this very reason to discipline what seems to be a military "trophy" wife. All blonde beauty, with a need to grow up before her actions shine unfavorably on her Husband/Masters career.
Though Josiah has not taken a client in some time, he willingly does so in this instance.
After her medical exam, which proves she is in good health, he brings her to his isolated farm for discipline. 
After a full weekend, the client needs to be released earlier than expected, and things on the farm have begun to heat up as confessions are made from more than one person. Life on this farm is about to change drastically and increase the numbers of this quiet family. Through the pain and tears of humbled learnings and teachings this group learns to lean on one another as one after another each persons life is tossed into a turmoil of which they never knew.
So what happens when a Beadle seems to inherit two doctors, a Dominatrix and a former client? You will need to read Josiah's Love and Justice Volume 1: Four Slaves by Lucas X Black to find out!

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