Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rumpled Bear Skin by Sable Sylvan

What happens when one of the Asher-Dixon Cousins starts looking for his Fated Mate over and over again? Well the young man gets a reputation is what!  Jasper Dixon of the Pacific Northwest Asher Lumber company has gotten himself the nickname of "Rumpled Bear Skin" due to the office rumors of his taking a woman to his cabin for one sexy hot night and then never dating them again. Not exactly the kind of man you would knowingly want to have a relationship with.

Artemis Miller, newest Public Relations Intern for Asher Lumber has a little over one month left on her internship before she heads back to finish her final year of collage. She finds herself called to the office of Cedar Asher, Chief Operations Officer of Asher Lumber where she sees Jasper up close and personal for the first time, where he proceeds to rub her the wrong way!

Well noted for her knowledge and ability to turn just about anything to gold, Artemis's skills are called to help organize a well known charity event into something that will appeal to the normal everyday person. With the help of Jasper, they have one week to come up with an idea that will be able to be approved and implemented by Asher Lumber in its Midwest areas to help increase sales.

So what happens when a Bear Shifter takes what he thinks may be his true Fated Mate to Port Jameson for a week of work and collaboration? Well, you need to read Sable Sylvans " Rumpled Bear Skin" to find out if these two firecrackers can find the time to be themselves or lose their dreams forever.

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