Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Delta Salvation (Seal Team Phantom Series, Book 1) by Elle Boon

Delta Salvation (Seal Team Phantom Series, Book 1)
By Elle Boon

When Alexa Gordon is attacked by a psychotic ex- boyfriend her life is thrown into a massive tailspin. She no longer knows who to trust and what in her life is or was real.
On her way to a different town for safety reasons while waiting for her court case against her ex, one thing after another goes wrong. She is followed, her tire goes flat, she is unwillingly added to a militaristic group of really scary people.

Kayan Swift is looking for a traitor to his team and to his country when he stumbles upon Alexa and the mystery that surrounds her. But that doesn't stop him from having feelings for her and no matter what he tries he always comes back to Alexa.

When Kai realizes Alexa is the target of a dangerous predator and long hidden mysteries, bodies start stacking up. Will they be able to find the love their hearts so demand or will the mysterious circumstances of Alexa and her past come between them. Will these unknown secrets tear them apart, or worse yet kill one or both of them.

Elle Boon is an amazing writer who grabs your imagination along with your emotions right from the start. As she takes you on the adventure of a lifetime as you roller coaster along with the story and her characters. Grab your copy of "Delta Salvation (Seal Team Phantom Series, Book 1) and begin your Adventure!!🌺


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