Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Savage Stalker (Savage Angels #1) by: Kathleen Kelly

Savage Stalker by Kathleen Kelly

Gorgeous Rock Star Goddess Katarina Saunders and her Band the *Grinders* have just finished their last Concert of their latest Tour. An incredible talent, Kat has been leading the wave of perfection for over twelve years. A Wild Child she has been in and out of relationships over the years. But her relationship of the last year with Action Actor Gareth Goodman needs to end. He broke her rule on loyalty and cheating with one of her backup singers. He broke trust with her and she was ready to break loose of their relationship. Through tragedy, Kat looses not only her career, but her voice and her mom. She moves back to her moms home in a small town and locks herself away from the world.
Dane Reynolds, President of the Savage Angels MC  out of Tourmaline. Dane, just happens to be her closest neighbor, an unknown friend of her mothers, an inheritor of her mothers Transportation Business, as well as being the one man she just can't say no to. Romance blooms in the most unexpected place, the Music Worlds Darling meets the Hottest Motorcycle riding Hunk. Both have pasts, both have authority issues and both share a passion that could ignite the world. 
Dane needs to control his world and Kat needs stability and protection. They find it in each other, but someone threatens their happiness and someone gets murdered.
Read Kathleen Kelly's "Savage Stalker (Savage Angels MC #1) to see how this amazing story finishes! ** Great Writing**

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