Sunday, August 13, 2017

Theoretical Love (Masterclass Book 2) by JJ King

Author JJ King is an amazing writer, the way she brings passions to life is a wonderful gift. Many times you read about the rough tough Alpha lovers that turn all of our heads. But in this Novella JJ King gives us Inquisitive Longingness with Silent Desire and a search for True Love. Rachel has spent a lifetime burying herself in her one passion, literature. Never thinking she would ever find her own true love. With her difficult past with her mother, she tries all she can to avoid the same situations. But with the loss of her mother, her emotions are close to the surface and after meeting Etta, they are on their own roller coaster ride.
Join us in discovering what path Rachel will follow and if she will ever find that lasting passion.
Well Done!🌺

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