Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Scent of His Woman (Northern Wild Book 1) by JJ King

A truly profound story of self finding, for both Kennedy and Trace. A sweet novella on a woman who was adopted into a human family never knowing she was anything different. As Kennedy grows up there comes a time when her internal clock throws her for a random meltdown. Nothing is working out, not school, not relationships, not anything. As her family convinces her to take some time off and spend it camping with the family, her changes become more obvious. While her parents worry about her, her craving for meat increases to the shock of her family. Being a Card carrying Vegetarian does that lol. But it all comes to a head when she catches the scent of a stranger.
Trace is a loner, he hates mingling with people, but when he heads out for a needed supply run he comes face to face with his future. Will he be able to help Kennedy in her time of crisis?
Will they both be able to accept and heal each other?
Join Author JJ King as she wraps you up in her story and sends you on a Journey of Discovery.
Well Done🐾❤️🌺

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