Wednesday, May 17, 2017

When Clubs Collide

What an awesome collection of MC Shorts! I love how I am able to get a taste for new Authors while enjoying the flavors of Authors known and well Loved.
Each Short has a wonderful flair of excitement and leaves you wanting to know each and every MC's story!
Each combination of MC Authors blend well together and takes you on an incredible journey of discovery.

I recommend this book to any and all Lovers of MC and the lives they lead. From the intimate families to their blood thirsty and diabolical retribution these Clubs will find their way into your Heart! I am well aware of the writings of Authors Kathleen Kelly and Erin Trejo, I love their stories and have spent many a late night enfolded in their worlds. But I am pleased to meet the other Authors who will now be expanding my literary treasures! Thank you for this amazing collection! Well done🌺

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