Thursday, May 18, 2017

Careen (Crown and Anchor Series Vol.3)

The Crown family lies broken in more ways than one, will they be able to ever be whole again? With Casper still in the Hospital and Whiskey no more than a shadow, it is up to China to save herself. One thing after another falls on China, leaving her deeper and deeper in despair. Will her Shining p.i.t.a. Knight be able to save her or will he ad to the tremendous weight on her shoulders.
Officer Mason is more than meets the eye, although the eye candy is dreamy, there is a darkness that shadows him. Will he be able to beat his past and make a future with the lady of his dreams? Or will the past rear its ugly head and make him unworthy?
Join Author Kerri Ann as she continues the Crown and Anchor series with its love, loss and emotionally charged characters. Follow the exploits as China, looses and finds herself amongst the loss of her parents.
Well Done🌺

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