Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bronx's Wounded Wolf, Mystic Wolves 4 by Elle Boon

Taya's history is a mystery, taken from the Mystic Wolf Pack and raised by the Iron Wolves MC, she doesn't remember or know about much about the Mystic Wolves. Her family composition is a mystery to her, and finding her long lost younger sister is a wonder to this woman who has suffered so much, for so long. Being held and beaten, tortured and starved Taya eventually loses control and connection to her own wolf. Terrified and scared she is saved by a combination of the two packs. Will she be able to love and be loved after all she has been through? Will she ever feel whole again, when all she feels is lost confused, terrified and worthless? Follow Taya and Bronx's story as they overcome the terrifying ordeal, and find a love that time will heal, as well as all the unknown  intricacies  that make up these Wolf packs and Taya in particular.
This energetic fast past story shows the delightful talent of it's incredible author Elle Boon! She has a way of bringing her characters to life. Inserting them into our lives and making us care what happens next to these amazing creatures! I love reading her works and recommend this and any of her many books to anyone and everyone that love paranormal/Shifter romance.
Ms. Elle you have done it again!! Well Done🌺

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  1. Thank you soo much for the amazing review, and for taking the time to read me.

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