Sunday, May 14, 2017

Midnight Delta SEAL Team 5 Book Box Set: Volume 1 by Caitlyn O'Leary

I recommend this series to anyone who loves Military Seals and HEA's. Caitlyn O'Leary has brought to life some of the most exciting, emotionally heartbreaking stories I have ever read. The Midnight Delta Seal Team are men who will take your breath away with the way they handle business. From beginning to end these men will melt your heart. Theses Heroes show that a man can be tender and caring even when he is at his worst. They show that there are still Real men out there, our knights in shining armor. Growing up in a Navy household, I remember going through Coronado on a regular basis to visit my grandparents in San Diego. I remember seeing the Seals as the trained and did maneuvers. How proud I am to have watched our Heroes in training. Author Caitlyn O'Leary has brought back fond memories of the Men I grew to love while growing up.
Join her in her books as she brings these wonderfully men and women to life. Follow in their journey of laughter and tears as they carve their way through life and death situations.

Well Done!🌺

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