Thursday, May 25, 2017

Seduction: Shifters Forever Worlds Book 2 by Elle Thorne

All Astra wants in life is to become a Veterinarian. But for some reason the Shifter Life keeps pulling her in. With her deep seated fear and hatred  towards all but a select few shifters she does all she can to keep them away from her family.
Kane, on the run from a pack of rovers seeks sanctuary and a place to rest away from the ones who hunt him. A loner Shifter, things begin to change when he meets Astra. Astra is confused with her conflicting emotions towards Kane a Shifter she wants nothing to do with, and wants to get him as far away from her home town as possible.
Will the fear Astra carries with her keep Kane at bay? Will the hunters after Kane find him before he finds what it is his Bear is looking for? Join Author Elle Thorne in her second segment of Forever Shifters and follow along with the characters you may have already met as she continues this amazing saga! Well Done🌺

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