Sunday, July 9, 2017

Angel Mine by Kay Maree

I feel that this author has found a way to touch on hard subjects such as abuse and rape and create a safer world for its victims. I loved hoe the characters were able to overcome the darkness in their lives and are able to look and find that love at first sight some of us dream of. To be able to take a girl who really has no clue at what is happening around her, to pull her through the viciousness of domestic abuse and rape is an amazing task. But this author does just that. You cannot judge a book or a person by what is said of them. You really need to get to know them and their world to really know them. 
Pick up your copy of Angel Mine by Kay Maree to see how she is able to pull this story through such emotional upheaval.

Cannot wait to read the next book, Kitten Mine! Well Done!🌺

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