Monday, July 10, 2017

Kitten, Mine (Mine Series Book 2) by Kay Maree

I commend this author for being able to take a dark situation and bring it light and salvation. This second book of the "Mine" Series is just as good as the first. She is able to take a girl, whose light has been diminished by those who should have been the ones to lift her up and have her bloom where others expected death. 
Katherine has lived a life of rejection and ridicule at the hands of the most unexpected. Antonio has led a life of darkness, never expecting to find salvation. Yet when their eyes meet it is love at first sight, but will it become more, or will their pasts keep them apart. Grab this second book "Kitten Mine" and follow their story as they run rampant all emotions possible while surviving more than any would expect. Well Done!🌺

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