Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Home to Roost (Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs Book 7) by Reina Torres

What am amazingly sweet romantic novel. Written in a time gone by when some women had no other choice than to become Mail Order Brides. Brigid Belham left the life she knew for the unknown, hoping against hope that marriage would give her a continued purpose. But when her soon to be betrothed has a difference of opinion with her, she tries her best to find a better solution. 
Livingstone Quinn is a man of few words who likes his privacy and quiet more than his need for company. But when a little bird becomes stranded after a storm, what is he to do but to help.
Together they find just what they were looking for, even though they themselves didn't know it.
Well written, with just the right amount of push and pull that makes it an enjoyable read. This well paced book will find a wonderful spot on anyone's shelf! Recommend to romance lovers and those who enjoy the HEA!

Well Done! 🌺

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