Friday, January 13, 2017

Our Little Secret by Rebecca Raine

Author Rebecca Raine leads you through the ups and downs of any normal love affair/romance, except this relationship is anything but normal.  I enjoyed the journey through this secret romance from beginning to end. Her writing is such that you are ensnared right from the start. She eases you into the story/romance slowly, filling you with the emotions of all parties involved. Each character has their own specific nuances that separate them as their own individual person and not some cookie cutter romance. I loved how she enhanced the relations with actual RL issues that we may encounter in our everyday existence. Her characters are engagingly appealing to me and I am sure many others. She takes one woman's fantasy and turns it into a reality, with all of the twists and turns one would expect in life. A well written story that I wholeheartedly recommend to romance lovers everywhere. Especially those who like the different twists that life tends to throw some people! Well done🌺

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