Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bite of the Moon: Paranormal Romance Boxed Set

Fabulous Collection of Heart-stopping Stories!
An amazing collection of Paranormal Shapeshifters.
From Michelle Fox's Moons Law, Elle Boon's Lyric's Accidental Mate and Bryce Evan's Bewitched by the Alpha, among other authors and their Tales. This Collection of stories is a Spell Bounding Arsenal of Shifters.
I cannot wait to read more about Erika Masten's Sons of Fenris MC Series, what more does a girl need to know: Hunky gorgeous Alpha Wolves with a Motorcycle Club Yummmm. Boys and their toys, we all want them.
Katalina Leon's Bear Hero, who finds the perfect match in a full-sized head strong lady who has a sweet tooth for Honey!
Catherine Vale's sexy Risha caught between not one but toe incredible wolf shifters makes for a hot story including the hot ponds! What a way for a woman to realize how empty her life was up until this point.
Each and every one of these stand alone stories are incredible reads, but together, they certainly bring out the best in them all. Leaving us all with an unerring question: Where can I find me a Mate like that!

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