Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Jakkattu Vector by P.K. Tyler

I have to admit, I would not have chosen this book based on the cover.
But I am Glad I did!!
I was gifted this book by an Author who supports other Authors works and I am thrilled to add this book to my collection and I will be looking for further works by this Author.
P.K. Tyler introduces us to a futuristic world of possibilities of what could happen if.
Her characters are incredible and realistic, their curiosity is so human and the other life forces are a puzzle that falls into place as the story evolves.
Fantastic interfacing between all characters as they grow on you and pull you into their world.
The action is full score and keeps you on your toes as it speeds you along.
I totally recommend this book to anyone that curiosity is second nature and wanting to know why, is one of your favorite pastimes. Kudos to this Author for their amazing culmination of possibilities. WellDone!🌺

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